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Monday Morning MASH

4 PAX made their way to Cuthberson on a Monday morning and found themselves on the opposite side of the parking lot. We joined the boot campers to start and then we were on our own for:


Dynamic stretching: butt kickers, walking imperial walkers, toy soldiers, open the gate and LSS.


Medley of Merkins, perform the called merkin followed by an ab exercise:

Regular Merkin x 10, LBC x 15

Diamond Merkin x 10, Heels to Heaven x 15

Wide-Arm Merkin x 10, toe-tap crunch x 15

Then it was time to concentrate on the arms: one round of 21s with dumbbells or bricks, then tricep extension x 15 in cadence count

Use the sitting portion of the bench for incline merkin and dips. Do a merkin, then a dip, move down a bit, do another until you are down one side of the bench then go to the other side and do the same thing.

Stay at the bench to work on legs. Squats x 10, split leg squat (r) x 10, squats x 10, split leg squats (l) x 10, squats x10

Rinse and repeat: Medley of Merkins, arm work with dumbbells, and leg work on bench.

Finish with each PAX calling a mary and some stretching.


It was great to finally get to Q MASH.  I don’t know if they got anything out of my Q, but at least I was able to get Penalty Box to crack a smile at one point.

Thank you for allowing me to lead.


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