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Posse rolling in just in Time for Last Call’s 5:32 Start Time

We started out the morning with 5 PAX ready for the 5:32 time.  Posse used every bit of the extra 2 minutes to roll in.  I took a little abuse
for using my phone for the wienke after being strong armed by one star a few days earlier to Q on Friday, only to have him not show up.  I can’t imagine One Star not being at a Last Call :).


  • Mosey from the parking lot past the circle half way to the bridge and back to the circle
  • 20 Side Straddle Hops
  • 10 Imperial Walkers (cut down from 20 after Fuse looking like he wasn’t liking to do 🙂 )
  • Calf stretches
  • Upward Dog / Downward Dog
  • 10 Merkins
  • 20 Plank Jacks

The Thang

  • Mosey over to the rock pile.
  • Grab a lifting rock
  • Rifle carry to a parking spot
  • Mosey to hill for 7’s (Burpees on bottom, jump squats on top)
  • Mosey back to parking spaces, where we will do 4 exercises and run a lap around the parking lot.
  • Round 1
    • 20 Mike Tysons
    • 20 Dry Docks
    • 40 Shoulder Presses with Rock
    • 20 Moroccan Night Clubs
    • Run across both parking lots and back
  • Round 2
    • 20 Low Slow Squats with Rock
    • Lunges from parking lot end and back
    • 2o Prisoner squats (hands on head, down each leg 10 times)
    • 100 Toe Raises, broken up 50 at a time
    • Run across both parking lots and back (this was sold as the long run)
  • Round 4
    • 20 Big Boys
    • 20 V Ups
    • 20 Thread the Needle , 10 on each side (holding up on your side, bring 1 arm in air and back through other side)
    • 20 Side Lifts (10 on each side for those obliques)
    • Run around the inner parking area in a circle for 3 minutes, 30 seconds good pace run, 30 seconds walk, repeat
  • Round 5
    • 50 Triceps Extension with Rock
    • 20 Curb Dips
    • 10 Plank pushups (in plank position, pushup off elbows)
    • Run across both parking lots plus car path and back (this was sold as the short run :))
  • Round 6
    • 50 Chest Presses with Rock
    • 10 Merkins
    • 10 Side to Side Merkins (Lean to each side and pushup, repeat)
    • 10 Curb Merkins, tapping each hand on curb after each Merkin
    • Run Lap
  • Rifle carry to bring Rock back.
  • Mosey back to COT

The Moleskin

Great job today gentlemen.  Posse made sure to “try” to give me a hard time here and there, but being Italian and from NJ you tend to have a teflon “John” affect, so you are not bothered.  Hot Yoga has some back issues, as the rock he grabbed may have been from a bit smaller than his usual size.  Das Boot stayed steady as usual doing well.  Noonan should be awarded for the number of solo Last Call.

Have a great day


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