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Let’s go

Finishing up a nice Mother’s Day and decided to check in on who was Q’ing. Turns out it’s a me!

No big deal, who doesn’t enjoy a Cuthbertson Q amirite? Well that’s fine until I’m woken up around 2AM with the sounds of a torrential rain storm outside my window. I mutter myself back to sleep something about “better not being raining when I wake up”……fast forward to 4:30 Foundation’s text telling me he’s too soft to go out in the rain  alarm clock wakes me up and I pull up the old Waxhaw weather to see what’s shaking. Just then Smithers text me to confirm he is also candy and will melt in the rain the radar tells me it’s going to be a onslaught of water throughout the workout.

Well this should be awesome, let’s rage. Got to Cuthbertson in time to launch with ignition and hear Glidah tell them they were doing the Lawson trails. Bullet dodged courtesy of my Q sign up So I head off on a prerun to scope out all of the covered areas the schools have to offer. Circle back around to join 10 other men on what is sure to be a total crap show great workout. We agreed my backblast could just read ” We ran and we did stuff” but I’ll add a bit of color here:


The Thang:

  • Mosey down just past Transporters Turd Terrarium /Rudy’s Poop Palace   shed for some SSH’s and some stretching
  • To the stadium, grab some fence for Prison Squats
  • To the high school, where we hit our first covered area. We did some dry docks here
  • Back out to the driver’s ed lot, here we did some speed skaters
  • We traveled to the open alcove and did some more stuff
  • Then to the front of the high school for step ups and dips
  • Let’s go around the school to the gym entrance. We did calf raises, Tysons, dry docks. We ran around in between but does it matter? Do people read this section?
  • Half lap around the bus island over to the covered areas next to the middle school. Here we bear crawled to the end then took a sharp right to the next covered area for squats.
  • Over to the middle school entrance for derkins and a couple laps around the parking lot
  • Back around the back side of the school, stopping for Al Gore twice to make sure we never needed to circle for the 6
  • One more time back towards the high school stopping a4 lights to do some more squats
  • Mosey’d back to COT and we were done

Turns out the rain pretty much held off, I got just as wet as Zinfandel when Side Project releases a new hoppy concoction I would have from just the sweat of it all. It was a good push from all the guys and we stayed in a group. I threw some for a loop when I added that we wouldn’t be counting reps, we would just be doing work until it was time to leave. Seemed to work out ok as I haven’t got an DM’s telling me to go F myself had a number of guys tell me they like the style that allowed us to stay as a group and still get the work in. I think we covered 3.25 miles and did a decent number of reps.


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