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You’ll get nothing and like it

Busy day lets keep this short and sweet. Thirteen Pax joined me at Bushwood this morning for a little fun in the gloom. As 5:28 rolled around started the DiCCS asked if there were any requests, and at 5:30 One Star arrived and we took off. Yep no Weinke so lets wing it.


We started with a Mosey to the large parking lot for some warmup consisting of SSH, Merkins, stretching, and Mountain climbers. From there we Moseyed to Turkey Hunt Ct, for 10 Dry Docks on the way down each mailbox, and 10 squats on the way back stopping at each mailbox on the right. While waiting for the 6 Burpees were completed. From there a Mosey to Red Twig for 11s, 1 Lunge and 10 Big Boys. I don’t think Red Twig is much shorter than Turkey Hunt incase you were wondering. With 15 min to go we Moseyed back to the rock pile for a lifting rock. The Pax completed 54 Curls, 27 Tris, 9 Squat Press,  27 Rows, and 18 Presses with a lap around the bus parking lot after every other exercise. We returned the rocks with enough time for the wall. We completed 9 balls to the wall Shoulder Taps, 18 Donkey Kicks, 36 Jabs, and 72 Air Press.  From there we headed back to COT.


Everyone pushed hard, Big Ben continued his rehab but would not let that stop him. He completed his own grueling beatdown while we moseyed.


Christ Closet giveaway this Saturday from 9 – 1

Memorial Day the Murph returns to Waxhaw

Bushwood and Last Call need Qs, step up or they will assign you a week.



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