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Quotes from the Gloom:

  • “Hey Paper Jam.” – Dunkin
  • “Hey Dunkin.” –Paper Jam
  • (pregnant pause)
  • “Oh look, here comes Bratwurst.” –Paper Jam

Yes, the mumble chatter was riveting, but on to…

The Thang

Learning To Fly: 7 Reasons You Should Try Acro Yoga | So ...
  • Warmup
    • Prime the Pump (Fairly rapid calf raises while steadying self against a wall or piece of playground equipment.)
    • Cat and Cow poses (alternating for about five breaths each)
    • Inchworms (from standing walk hands out to plank, push up, walk hands back to standing, calf raise) x3
    • Upward Dog (hold for about five breaths)
    • Downward Dog (hold for about five breaths)
    • Rag Doll pose (hold for about five breaths)
    • Quad Stretch (hold for about five breaths each side)
    • Dead Pigeon pose – optional leg extended skyward (hold for about five breaths each side)
    • Boat pose (hold until the core really burns)
    • Hallelujah Toy Soldiers (like Toy Soldiers, but with arms extended above the head the whole time)
  • Vinyasa (Flow) Portion
    • Sun Salutations x3
      • Mountain Pose at Prayer
      • Mountain Pose w/ Arms Raised
      • Swan Dive to Forward Fold
      • Flat Back
      • Back down to Forward Fold
      • Jump feet back to Plank pose
      • Chaturanga (i.e., “yoga pushup”)
      • Upward Dog
      • Downward Dog
      • Jump back to Forward Fold
      • Mountain Pose w/ Arms Raised
      • Mountain Pose at Prayer
    • Crescent Lunge / Warrior Poses
      • Crescent Lunge (both sides)
      • Warrior 1 (both sides)
      • Warrior 2 / Triangle Pose (both sides)
      • Reverse Warrior / Twisted Side Angle Pose (both sides)
  • Mix it up
    • Boat pose (feel the burn)
    • Tree pose (both sides)
    • Chair Pose pose (both sides)
    • Chair Prayer pose (both sides)
    • Chair Prayer Twist pose (both sides)
    • Boat pose (final burn)
  • Closing Sequence
    • Shavasana (Corpse pose)
    • Easy pose (cross-legged, hands on knees)
    • Namaste
Yoga poses 3 person easy -

Moleskine (i.e., Spreadsheets from the Gloom)

With IPC going on and the seemingly general aversion to broga, we had a pretty light crowd this morning. Still had a good time getting stronger and stretching ourselves. I think even Bratwurst had to admit that the sweat wasn’t just from the humidity. And, happy to report, no bunnies were harmed in any way. #IPCyoga

The Greatest Blog Alive: Fluffy Bunnies!!


  • This Saturday, 09/11Patriot Day Convergence
    • Still not sure about the details, but there will be something. Stay tuned to GroupMe for the latest.
  • Iron Pax Challenge (“IPC”) – Throughout September
    • In the midst of Week 1. Show up on Friday for the Relay version. Stay tuned to GroupMe for the latest.
F3 Iron Pax Challenge Pre-Order 09/19 - The F3 Gear Store
  • 1st Annual Waxhaw Cookout – 10/03/21 Five Stones Church from 4:00 to 6:30. Live Music, NFL Games, 2.0 activities, and more!
$35 Ticket to The CookOut NYC MDW Party On The Pier ($50 ...
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