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Murder Bunnies without Killing Yourself

DICSS given

Warm Up

Mosey 1 lap around the school (yes Wrigley it is a long mosey). Raven catches up with us and hadn’t missed a thing. Circle up in the shade near the rock pile. Sets of 15: SSH, IW (look up, let’s call it Sky Walker), LSS, Merkins & MC. Stretching with Can Opener, reach to sky

The Thang

Grab a rock at the pile and rifle carry to the track. Partner up & using the rock you carried, or a standard coupon for the following exercises:

P1: run a lap P2: does single murder bunny & reverse murder bunny. Two rounds.

I brought a supply of water balloons expecting some 2.0s, but there were none and after that round I knew the PAX needed some refreshment. Each PAX held a balloon over their head and was asked a trivial question. Get it wrong and YHC smacks the balloon on your head. Questions ranged from “What is the square root of PI” to “What is the capital of Kazakhstan”. YHC doesn’t know the answers (but definitely not Ethiopia), so as planned everyone enjoyed some refreshing water. Fun & games over, lets get back at it.

P1: run 1 lap P2: thrusters with the block. Two rounds. That must have been fun because the time was flying.

Rifle Carry your rock back to the pile. Stop in shade along the way to do some flutter presses x15. Then up for some bent over rows. x15 was too easy & these felt so good, we kept going right up to x50. Repeat presses and rows, but I let the PAX decide how many they had left OYO (no way was I doing x50 that second round).

Rifle Carry back to the rock pile and circle up one for some PAX led Mary in our last 5 min. We got in Freddy Mercury, H2H, Box Cutters and some others giving most PAX a chance to call the cadence.


Great to see Raven back out for the first time in a while & Wrigley as well. Like most of us Summer got in the way of regular posting and now that vacations are over we’re getting back to normal – not to mention the weather is a lot less punishing.

The overall plan was to get in some practice reps for the IPC and we covered that while introducing the beloved Murder Bunnies to several PAX who missed last year’s IPC. I demonstrated my approach which is keeping the back straight & butt low to avoid the all to typical rounded back & and better hip & leg engagement. (As I later learned, Reverse Murder Bunnies were my weakness during the real IPC).

I didn’t plan on it being such a hard workout, but by the end I was really wiped out & had some soreness for days like I hadn’t in a long time (I blame the 50 bent over rows – no regerts).


Waxhaw Cookout Sunday, October 3rd.  4:00 – 6:30 Where: Five Stones Church Parking Lot. Bring your M & 2.0s and step to help out with the event (ask Fusebox how you can help).

Blood Drive in Matthews 10/29. Go to and search for F3 and it’ll show up near the bottom.

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