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Keep Moving

Today the plan was to keep moving. DICCS Given

Mossey to high school entrance taking the long way. Stop in between for 10 burpees. Moroccan night club and stretches at the entrance.
Always do burpees while waiting for the six.
Run the the 1st alcove. 20 Donkey kicks and 10 Mike Tysons.
Run the the 2nd alcove. 15 Big bois and 10 Merkins. Remember the burpees while waiting for the six. LBC’s and fluters for some abs.
Run to the high school parking lot. 20 jump lunges and run to the benches for 20 dips. Repeat 3 times.
Run the the stairs. Climb up stairs and run down the slope. Repeat 5 times.
Run the middle school dining area. 10 Derkins and run the basketball court for 30 lbcs. Repeat 2 times.
Run the Transporters shed. Air presses and jabs.
Back to COT stopping at each light for 5 Merkins.


  1. Christ Closet folding help needed 09/18
  2. Christ Closet big give away at Monroe. Help needed more than 1000 people expected.
  3. Mental health awareness 5k on 10/02. Contact Chicken little and he is accepting donation for the cause.
  4. 10/03 cookout at five stones at 5:00 pm. Contact Fusebox.

YHC took us out.

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