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Three’s a Charm

DISCC given to the 2 veteran PAX in attendance

Warm Up

Mosey around the school while the PAX take turns carrying a 20lb medicine ball. Extra fun for the 70LB 2.0. Triangle up in the shade by the track and begin with SSH x15, IW x15, Merkin x20, calf stretch, Peter Parker x15, MC x15. Recover

The Thang

In groups of 3 (which was everyone) P1: 1 lap, P2 & P3 toss medicine ball over 10 ft obstacle (each throw done as a thruster). P1 had no partner to toss to so just clear obstacle or best you can. For x2 rounds.

P1: run lap, P2: pull-ups, P3: hanging and raise toes to bar, or modify knees to chest. One Round was sufficient

Regroup in BB court. Six cones each with exercise written on the are placed face down. Without knowing the exercise, two Pax distribute the cones to 6 points around track, placing cone so exercise is visible. Meanwhile, the remaining Pax (our 2.0) shoots each of us with a water cannon while we deliver cones one at a time (cones are quickly delivered). Regroup on BB court and being circuit around track, performing x8 reps at each cone (Carioca, big boy, speed skater, burpee, lunge, broad jump). One lap was enough.

Last round, 5 exercise band stations are setup along the swing sets. Everyone grabs a band at each station & does various pulling exercises from low mid high positions. 8-12 reps each arm / direction at each station and time.

Pax gather up equipment and regroup at COT for announcements and prayer / thanks.


As always it’s great to see High Hat & Rock my partners in Appetizer posting. High Hat is always bringing his energy & enthusiasm which I do appreciate. He makes it easy to raise the bar for myself as well.

My elder 2.0s are more preoccupied with school and life in general so I expect they’ll be joining me less in the future, but I’ll keep pestering in any case. I’ll continue posting either way and am happy to keep the Appetizer chugging along.

I’m looking forward to the cooler weather that is starting to trickle in. We’re in for a great fall.


Oct 3rd Waxhaw Cookout

Oct 29th SOB led Blood drive in Matthews

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