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Good to be back

Pursuit workouts are pretty simple right? We don’t get dirty. We run. Unless you get someone like Bratwurst or Gerber in there that can daze and confuse you with terminology:) Today was simple, run to the downtown Waxhaw pedestrian bridge at your own pace. Just turn around after 30 minutes regardless where you are. Everyone made it, no problems and Ghosted was a whole 5 minutes faster than last time he ran this. Pretty cool. Wahoo was with us too, but couldn’t find his name in Pax list???


Chicken Little 5k to support good cause – get details from him

Big Christ Closet, fold, load, transport event coming up over two weekend. TB or Ghosted have details (and on GM)

Camping Trip 10-1 thru 10-3 – talk to Mad Dog for details.

Thanks for taking us out Ghosted.

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