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I don’t think I meant to do this — IPC Week 0

A few PAX gathered at Homecoming on Sept 4 with the intent to do Iron PAX Challenge Week 0 — tons of merkins and a good deal of running. And other PAX went to Homecoming thinking it was another Saturday boot camp, including an FNG. And one PAX went to Homecoming because he thought IPC was at Commitment and he wanted to avoid that experience. “Oh, IPC is here?”. Yessir.

Premature explained the rules of Week 0, cozied up with his coffee and blew the whistle.

The track was open like a Rosalita and no coupons were involved. Temps dipped down following the remnants of Hurricane Ida. Great day to do IPC — if that was your intent.

Guys pushed hard and broke down the times set just two days earlier in worse temps and humidity. Perhaps the best part was near the end as guys talked around Xerox the wrong-sited and ran the final lap with to finish out the challenge. Solid work and living the spirit of F3, the spirit of leave no man behind / leave no man where you found him.

Welcome, Cartel! He didn’t know what he was getting into buy handled it tremendously. A friend in the Triad is in F3 and he wanted to try it; he’s a pharmacist, hence the name.

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