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It’s getting worse Tim!!!

I would be lying if I said I was excited to Q this morning. Soreness hasn’t quite kicked in from Week 2 of IPC but I can slowly feel it settling in. Woke up with a spring in my step and once the water hit my rectum my creativity juices were flowing to come up with a plan. Where havent I been in awhile? What are all the old locations even called these days? Only time will tell.

DiCCS butchered but given. A few headlamps and bright tees but Mad Dog wouldn’t have been happy.


Mosey down and around to the vet. Circle up for….warmup and to learn about Recalc’s long balls.

As for the warm up…

  1. 20 x SSH IC
  2. 20 x Imperial Walker IC planning a lap Tim Derrick is in a lap from CSI
  3. 15 x Morroccan Night Club IC
  4. 15 x LS Squats IC
  5. Jimmy Dugan
  6. Calf Stretch
  7. Runners Stretch

Mosey across the road and to the long straight away for some Paula Abdul. Up 2 for 10 Speedskaters and back 1 for 10 monkey humpers. Stop at the stop sign and circle back for the 6. Forgot how long that dreaded road was. We started together but we quickly spread out…

Crossed the street together and partner up with opposite speeds. We are doing 2 rounds each, alternating between 5 Merkin and 5 Bobby Hurley’s. Starting to realize the pain in my legs is too real…

Mosey across the street and down to the small parking lot for an Ab Webb. 10 x Heels to Heaven and 40 x LBCs. H2H IC and LBCs CC. 3 x Mike Tysons betwixed rounds. Did 5 rounds and it was time to move.

Crossed. the street. Find yourselves a nice slab of tall curb. 40 x step ups, 30 x dips, 20 x inclined Merkins and then 10 x declined Merkins. Hot lap between each. Those first 40 steps ups were the death of me based on how my quads felt. Great job to the fellas that completed this. I bailed after the inclines and called to head to COT.

I called to pick back up from where we left off with the Ab Webb and someone blurted out “you were right Recalc!” I’m becoming to predictable but we got through Round 8 and it was time.


Great group of guys this morning and it was a pleasure to lead. We kept it moving so not a ton of mumble chatter outside of the form on the Monkey Humpers.

I realized when it’s not about me being in trouble with my wife, I can be judge just like her. Questioned Smithers form and he just said “yeah…”

Turns out he isn’t use to dropping like it’s hot because it’s not what his daddies want Foundation and Deflated like in the bedroom because they don’t do exercises anymore. We will keep trying.

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