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Popping the Pursuit Cherry

Ghosted cornered me during the Waxhaw Trail Fest and asked what Thursday would work for me to Q Pursuit. Notice he didn’t ask IF I could… he said what date works. LOL. I explained that I was more of a boot camp kind of guy but that I would give it a shot!

So, here I am on a cool, crisp Thursday morning in the Millbridge clubhouse parking lot still wondering if this was truly a running only workout. I mean come on, can you actually do an F3 workout without starting with Side Straddle Hops while in a circle??

I planned out a simple out & back course combining roads in both Millbridge and Walnut Creek. Side note — the walking path that connects the 2 neighborhoods is very dark at 5:00 am and is also very hilly!

The disclaimer was given and off we went!

We moseyed over that awesome and well lit Millbridge covered bridge, carefully ran along the dark and hilly path, waved at Rockwell’s house as we went by and finally pointed at Sugar Daddy’s house wondering why he didn’t show up! Nearly 3 miles in we turned around at the round-about near the Walnut Creek clubhouse and returned back taking the same route.

All in all it was a successful first outing at Pursuit for me! A big thank you to Ghosted for getting me out of my comfort zone. Also, a shout out to Fuse Box! He’s been posting more and more at running workouts and it’s paying off! Watch out for him… that guy is getting stronger and faster every week! Lastly, Rubbermaid is great to run with! His pace is consistent and he keeps it going the entire time. Of course, he suggested we branch off onto the trail at one point! LOL

In COT we talked about the packing party this Friday at Christs Closet and the huge give-away in Monroe on Saturday. Don’t miss these events! Also, there is the F3 cookout at Five Stones Church coming up next weekend.

Just before getting in my car to head home, Ghosted said “I’ll let you know what Thursday I put you down for in January or February”…

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