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PAX: Chastain, Bunyan, Fuse Box, Dough Boy, Elmers, Draper, Butterman, Ex Lax, Loafer, Tuck & Roll, Twinkle Toes, J Wow, O’69, Sledge-O-Matic

A rusty Q, but glad to be back at it…I had been nursing a back and knee hang up for too long at MASH and this was my third bootcamp in a row…have not done that since the Spring.  I am thankful, as always, for the turnout, especially given the threat of dreary weather.


DICCS given and we Mosey up to the road and back to Mt. Chiseled to warm-up.


20 SSH (in cadence)

15 Moroccan Night Clubs (in cadence)

Jimmy Dugan stretch (forward, middle, and back)

Runner’s stretch then raise hand to sky (flapjack)

Upward Dog into Downward Dog

The Thaaang:

We split into 2 groups for an Indian Run in opposite directions around Mt. Chiseled.  The original plan was to have each PAX go through the line 2x and for whatever reason I immediately audibled to throw in 3 Low Slow Squats each time the 2 groups of PAX intersected…that didn’t go right…the 3 squats morphed to 5 and after the first intersection and one time through in my line the run came to discombobulated halt at the warm-up area by Mt. Chiseled…rusty communication on my part (and the intersection exercise broke the flow)…moving on!

Next, a circuit of 3 exercises for 20-15-10 reps and a lap around Mt. Chiseled after each circuit.  First off, Merkins in a six count cadence (audibled to 15 reps), 15 Mountain Climbers (in cadence), 15 T-Ups (my spin on V-Ups for a six count cadence), and lap 1.  Repeato for 10 and a lap, then 5 and a lap.  A set of Freddy Mercury’s replaced the T-Ups at some point.

Next, we hustle back to COT for some block work with Bunyan & O’69.

Round 1: 20 Shoulder Press, 20 Curls (in cadence)

Round 2: 20 Speed Skaters (in cadence), 20 Low Slow Squats (in cadence)

Round 3: 15 Overhead TRIs, 15 Lawn Mower Pulls (flapjack)

Round 4: 20 Toe Taps (in cadence), 20 Bobby Hurleys 

Round 5: 20 Hillbillys (in cadence), 50 chest press

Round 6: 20 Heels on the Curb Squats (in cadence), 20 Heel Raises

Next, we Mosey to the other side of the parking lot and run a suicide to the first berm and back, the end of the cars and back, and then the mid-parking lot berm and back.  A few more minutes to kill…linebackers from the first berm to the end of the cars, flapjack, and then back.  Still some time…back to COT.

We finish the morning with 50 more Chest Press and Heels to Heaven (in cadence) for less than a minute…GREAT WORK MEN!  Always a pleasure to lead this group and I hope everyone got in a good workout!


All hands on deck for a Christ’s Closet giveaway in Monroe this Saturday morning…check GroupMe for the time and location.

F3 Cookout on 10/3 4-6:30…M & 2.0 friendly…food, fun, games, and live music by Trainwreck (a working title) – – Yours truly, High Hat, Carb Load, Golden Plates, and Xerox).  Over 50 attendees so far, gonna be a blast!  RSVP so we can get a handle on food and reach out to fuse Box about lending a hand where you can (set up, break down, etc.).

Special prayers for Chainsaw’s niece.

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