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Happiness Through Grace 5k pre blast

Register for the 5k:
Saturday, October 2, 8 AM
120 S Trade St,
Matthews, NC 28105

Willing to read for another minute?
This 5k raises money for mental health services at the Matthews Free Medical Clinic & the Matthews Help Center.
Parking will be tight, so you are encouraged to ride together (clown car).
You can choose your bib color:
Blue = running in memory of someone who lost their life to mental health.
Green = running for your personal fight against mental illness.
Orange = your support to help stop the stigma of mental health.

Got a couple more minutes?
I’ll be wearing green.

I’m currently in a battle against depression & anxiety. Normally I’d wait to write about this until after I’ve gotten past it. But I’ve had the opportunity to talk with other Pax who have shared their mental battles with me. And I’ve seen others who haven’t shared with me, but I can tell they are struggling as well (BTW – if you think you’re hiding it, you’re the only one who’s fooled). So I’m going to talk about it now:
< to break a stigma of silence around mental battles
< to take away my burden of silence
< to encourage others to open up about their mental battles
< to encourage others not fighting mental battles to come alongside and be there without trying to fix them

I’ve easily been depressed for a couple of years. Probably longer. I know it’s not as bad as others, but it’s bad enough to affect my & my family’s quality of life.
– Prayer & church really hasn’t done much. I’m quite literally going through the motions.
– My wife got us into couples counseling. She was doing her best, but I needed individual counseling (which I’m doing now).
– Was on a prescription for a few months. It didn’t help.
– Before finding this latest therapist, I had to go through at least 5 other counselors. Some weren’t taking new patients; some weren’t right for me; some never returned my calls.
👉 My point is that if you’re going through something similar, you’re almost certain to have a similar experience of no’s, false starts, financial issues, you name it. But I’m asking you to try one more person. Make one more call. Read one more book. Then do it again.
I’m coming across many adults nowadays who go by the one-strike rule. If they can’t get it the 1st time, then they have some belief that “it wasn’t meant to be” or “I’m just destined for X” or that’s just how God made me”. Of course, life is hard. No one is arguing that. But when you know / feel / fear that you don’t have the tools / energy / mindset to climb the mountain / run the race / fight the lion in front of you, it’s time to reach out for help. And keep reaching out until you get it.

Was there a breaking point when I realized I couldn’t fight this mental battle without professional help? It was probably when I was out West with my family this June. This was the trip I have wanted to take for 25 years. And there were times when I was still struggling to keep it together (i.e. to keep from bursting out in frustrated tears or wanting to punch something) even though I had absolutely everything I wanted. And those times weren’t something I could just talk through with my Shield Lock & be fine. While I LOVE my Shield Lock, and they have continued to help me in practically every way, I saw that they could only take me this far. I needed professional help. That’s where I am now.

Additional Resources:

Oh, and sign up for the 5k. If you’ve made it this far, you already know it’s not about the 5k.
Saturday, October 2, 8 AM
120 S Trade St,
Matthews, NC 28105

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