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Is my light on your Penis?

DICCS- Given and everything covered

Warm Up- quick mosey around lot and back up road and cross over to Arbor rd heading towards cemetery stopping twice along way for

20- SSH

Jimmy Dungan

Plank/Runners Pose right and Left

15 Merkins

The Thang

Head to cemetery and for some race track work/Partner work,

The first square block we come to will be our track and one partner runs the square block while the other partner completes —

100 – 2 is 1 Bonnie Blairs

50- Mike Tysons

25- Burpees

2 laps together as partners and at each corner 5 hand slap merkins

Mosey to top of KJH and mosey down and up- UGH- grab some wall while waiting on the 6.

Mosey to Bball courts for some sprinting

1 minute on the clock- 10 sprints – 1 minute 11 sprints- 1 minute 12 sprints and if everyone does not finish we complete the amount of laps missed with Burpees– We did 3 burpees

Head around School and at every corner 10 Bomb Jacks and 10 Bomb Jacks at top of KJH before moseying to cemetery.

Grab some sidewalk for a modified web due to time – ( Around the time we were grabbing Sidewalk Posse comes up and yells at premature is my Light on your Penis?? I guess from Posse’s angle it appeared the light he let Premature borrow was dangling from his penis– I believe even a few of the deceased got a good laugh…

5 big boys and 20 Pistol Lbcs/ 6 big boys and 24 Pistols– ect.. until we got to 8 and 32

Mosey BACK TO cot


Great group early this morning and the weather was perfect. I have never Q-ed nor been to the Lycan but I will be back. This site has a ton to offer with the campus, neighborhood and mean streets over near South Providence school. The morning started with 6 and ended with 7 – Exlax might have been on Flash time but he made it. The Pax pushed hard today and we covered some ground. I would like to also give props to this site for teh coolest shovel flag in Waxhaw, don’t believe me??? go see it for yourself- awesome work young lads.


Cookout Sunday 4-6:30pm- Sign up .. Five Stones church and reach out to Fuse Box with question

5k mental health awareness run in downtown Matthews- Happiness through Grace is the organization- If you want to

donate= (@Don-Hayes-13 is my venmo) and F3 Waxhaw donated $570.00 so far–awesome work boys.. thank you so much

Volunteer- Reach out to me or go on the race web page below


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