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Swimmers does Swarm 9/24

Hats off to Swimmers for volunteering to Q “The Swarm”…..I think a payback is in my future….Great Q today as Swimmers mixed it up from the get-go with an Indian run with a “speaker coupon”….He was creative throughout the workout with things like: Deconstructed TV Bombers, A random car visit in the parking lot that just so happened to have bricks in the trunk!! The sidelunges with sword pull were unique not to mention the curtsy squat with shoulder fly! You get the gist….Swimmers is smart and creative….he should think about being a doctor or something!! Great Q.

Announcements: I’m writing this after this past weekend’s events: But, what a wonderful thing F3 Waxhaw/Christ Closet did serving a population that really needs it in these difficult times!

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