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B and C attend the Floater

DICCS – given to include normal stuff

Warm up– Fast paced mosey down road to animal hopital lot

15- SSH

15- Imperial walkers

Jimmy Dungan stretch

10- Merkins

Plank- runners pose LEFT side first then Right side– what a switch up!!

Mosey across road to road with all the lights.

The Thang

Paula Abdul- up two poles and back one pole to end near Dream Chasers

Up- 5 Mike Tysons

Back – 5 Bomb Jacks

Mosey from there to COT for some good ole fashion corner work from COT around to block to stop sign at COT– 4 corners- only do exercise on way back to COT.

Corner 1- 5 Big Boys mosey back to COT

Corner 2- 10 Merkins mosey back to COT

Corner 3- 15 Heels to Heaven mosey back to COT

Corner 4- 20 Mike Tyson mosey back to COT

Circle up at COT for ab work for last 2 minutes–


I always appreciate leading the group even though I was a little worried about the mileage for the Floater crowd. I was shooting for 2.75- 3 and it appears we hit 3.10-3.25 depending on what watch you were wearing. The boys pushed hard today and it was a great turn out.


Great work on peanut butter driver-

Great work on funds raised for 5K downtown Matthews for happiness through grace- $720.00 so far

I truly am forever in debt to my little feathered friend CHICKEN LITTLE– I truly love this man as he is such an inspiration and pretty much my idol. I do not know what I would do without him in my life– I GUESS if he was not in my life I WOULD …..HAVE TO WRITE MY OWN DAMN BACKBLAST!! Thanks yet again CHICKEN, the next Busch Lights are on me, I promise!!

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