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Something Different

Apparently I’m telepathic. Yes, you read that right. At the cookout yesterday I get to talking to Glidah who proceeds to tell me he doesn’t have a Q for tomorrow. I say “Well there is plenty of guys here, I’m sure you will find someone”. Glidah then gave me a look to which I heard in my head “Don’t be a jack ass and make me ask you”. So I replied, “Well if you can’t find anyone, I’ll do it”. To which Glidah responded with another look in which I heard in my head “Dude….really?”. “Ok, ok, I will lead tomorrow.” Glidah ended the non verbal conversation with a smile and a thank you. (And that Site Q’s, is how its done).

So at 5:14 without much of a plan I attempt to start DiCCS at which point Ice 9 tells me its 15 seconds past 5:15 so we start.


Mosey to student driver lot. Circle up for stretches:

  • Jimmy Dugan middle, right, left, and lean right and left
  • Calf Stretch
  • Downward Dog
  • 10 T Merkins

Mosey across to Champion Forest.


At each light heading to the 4 way stop, do 5 each of jumping lunge left leg, squat, jumping lunge right leg, and a squat (that’s 1). So 5 each at every light (8 lights) and recover at the stop signs. Poor Hollywood coming off a two race weekend was not enjoying the extra leg work.

Return back to the stop light stopping at each light for 5 T Merkins (I’ve seen a lot of T merkins turning into just hand release merkins lately so I made sure to spell out the T Merkin – arms out, shoulder blades pinched)

Mosey to football stadium parking lot for Progressive 4 corners (or as Chastain is actively pushing, including in his workout today, Aggressive 4 corners.)

5 Burpees then run to the next corner for 10 Squats and back.

5 Burpees, run to next coerner for 10 squats and then next corner for 15 in/outs.

5 burpees, 10 squats, 15 in/outs, 20 Merkins and run back. Finito

Mosey to the round about and get into groups of 3. Peanut Gallery “But Fuse, there is only 8 of us”. I blankly stare at them. Ice 9 “so will one group only have 2?”. And I come back to reality. Two groups of 4 and two of yall will double up. I apparently confused the hell out of Ice 9 for a second, but everyone eventually figured it out. Grinder – 300 Merkins at one end, 600 LBC’s at the other, with a runner in between. As I’m at 295 and can’t lift off the ground Easy Button comes in and starts “cheering me on”. “Come on Fuse, you can get these last 5”. Haha, damn you, get down and help me finish these 5.

Mosey to transporters shed (while I quickly make up something on the fly that will get our mileage over the mandatory 4 miles). How about suicide light poles? Sure. On the out do 10 In/outs at each light pole. On the return do 10 donkey kicks (I heard Shake in my head when I first thought that so the pax never heard this) 10 second wall sit and increase each time by 10 seconds. We got to the 4th or 5th light pole before time was getting close and I called a recover (conveniently with me the closest to COT – veteran Q move). Ghosted and I marry’ed (he was concerned about that term and now I see why) until the 6 was in. As the last ignition pax rolled in I heard Flash already counting (Ass hats) and we limped into COT at the back half of 6:15.


  • Ice 9 tells me after the workout it was a good change of pace – which freaked me out. Is that a compliment or are you telling me it was nice not to have to dry heave during a workout? Glidah stepped in to explain that ignition had become more running and less exercises so the exercise heavy Q was a nice change of pace. Ok….semi compliment, I’ll take it. I still didn’t make Ice dry heave so was it really a success?
  • There was some chaffed nipple talk. Don’t forget your running lube – not to be confused with your bedroom lube, they ARE different.
  • I advised we were going off campus and to get your headlamps. No one did which was disappointing. Mad Dog will be coming for all 7 of you shortly with you violation ticket and disappointed dad eyes.
  • It took me 10 minutes with the fan on high at the house and an ice cold shower to stop sweating. In Q Source they tell you that if your not accelerating that you a decelerating. There is no holding status quo. I’ve been pushing outside of my personal comfort zone to go to at least one running workout a week (either express or pursuit). When I go to those workouts, as much as I hate them, my weight drops significantly and my resting heart rate drops. I’d love to see some more Clydesdales join me at one of those workouts. And the same holds true for you runners with the skinny arms and 5% body fat. Get out to Chiseled, Cow Bell, or Diesel.


Ghosted collecting canned goods for this months food drive. He’s become a 3rd F Q without even knowing it.

Lots of good second F this weekend with the cookout, camping trip, and the 5K race. Some great 3rd F last week with Christ Closet and the peanut butter drive. Lets keep accelerating our 2nd and 3rd F’s.

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