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The No Show must go on

Note to self.. if you’ve just finished a workout and see Ricky Bobby chasing you down as you drive away…keep moving because he could be asking you to Q the very next day (haha). I was actually looking forward to Q across enemy lines in Weddington. I did a early morning survey of the grounds and noticed a newly installed fence cutting off access from the bus lot to the rock pile/parking area– change of plans.

13 fresh faces ready to hit it at 5:30.. but should we wait for Zin and Brutus.. because they said they would be there.

Warmup – Mosey to bus area. Squats, Moroccan NC’s, some diamonds, mtn climbers and some LSS.

First Thing – Path of Four Light Poles – out to each and back. At “back” start with 5 squats and 5 broad jumps – increase by 2 at each lite.

Thang 2 – mosey back to basketball area for table work. 3 rounds of dips, derkins and step ups>>>10 reps, 15 reps, 20 reps

Thang 3 – Mosey to front of Middle School. 64 air press, 32 donkey kicks, 16 Bobby Hurley’s, 8 wall touch merkins. Ab portion next – 8 Big Boi, 16 American Hammers, 32 LBC’s, 64 Hammers. Repeat 64 Airpress routine.

Thang 4 Head to base of middle school entrance for 11’s. At top and bottom. start 10 diamond merkins & 1 Hurley; top 9 Diamond Merkins and 2 Hurleys….. we made it 4 laps. These were gasers for sure. That hill is steady incline an a good distance.

Lots of good work here this morning. Impressive two (2) 2.0’s so way to be leaders Dad’s – Swimmers and Chatterbox. Looks like both of these fine young men were eager to be here this morning.

Mosey back to COT

prayer requests for Katherine, Heather and Cara (sp)

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