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Know your brother

Kirby came down from SOB to close out September at The Body Shop with a crew of 7 PAX. He’d been on IR, claimed it wouldn’t be the toughest weinke because of that and the PAX were cool with that after a nasty Wednesday that included IPC Week 4 for some and another terrible workout for others — then Kirby called for 30 burpees OYO. What the heck?!

Beyond that terrible idea, Kirby was inspired by an incident of a Lake Norman PAX who went into cardiac arrest at a workout. A trained EMT was in the mix and jumped into action and the PAX is recovering. (TAP still welcome.) With this, Kirby designed a workout to get to know our brothers a little better and he succeeded. PAX teamed up and paired up, learned where people were from and where they’ve lived. We even find out that Flo is on top of Big Tuna on a regular basis. (They unknowingly work in the same building, Flo a floor above Tuna.)

Bromances were developed, spelling skills were scoffed as PAX discussed Wiltson NC and Clempson SC, and, again, electric vehicles were lauded.

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