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LYCAN 10/11

This has to be quick today so here I go….. Thanks to Dunkin and Posse for inviting me to lead today. This is a fun campus…allows you to be creative.

Great turnout this morning thanks for trusting me to get your day started right.

In a nutshell: we ran, did merkins, irkins, derkins, air presses, air squats, stepups, flutters, hammers, heels to heaven, lbc’s, ran steps, burpees…not to forget Mary and Al Gore……I think that covers all the body parts!

Great job of pushing it to all…especially at the end!

Welcome back Carbload….great to see when our fellow Pax return from an injury that keeps them out for a significant amount of time!

Welcome FNG—Dating Game!


-SOB/Area 51 Blood Drive- Friday, October 29th in Matthews

Ghosted said thanks to all— we rocked it and we collected a “boatload” of peanut butter.

-Ghosted said this month is canned beans or canned vegetables. This supports families especially with the holidays coming up. Thanks Ghosted for the tutorial on beans…Ghosted educated the Pax on legumes and informed us that chick peas are also known as garbanzo beans! How bout that knowledge!

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