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Mean Streets of Lawson

DICCS– Given and covered everything except – cell phone, CPR and modify as needed OPPSSSEEEE –


Fast paced mosey to front of high school- 20 SSH

Fast paced mosey to front of stadium- Calf stretch, runners pose both sides.

Fast paced mosey to Transporters Shed- Jimmy Dugan Stretch.

Mosey up trail the cut down the path to the MEAN STREETS OF LAWSONS and stop at the first cul-de sac on Sugar Tree court.

The Thang

On Sugar Tree Courts 7’s between the Cul-De-Sacs- 1 burpee /6 Mike Tysons– you know the drill

Mosey to trail on the right and run trail to the end on Howard Mill Lane

Partner up

P 1- exercises

P2 – Run to top of road for 1 burpee and return

Exercise are- 200 LBCS., 75 Pistol LBCS, 75 Pistol LBCS, 50 Big Boys

Mosey up and around corner onto Galberry Lane’s Cul-De Sac for 10 merkins, 10 merkins one leg raised and 10 more merkins other leg raised.

Mosey back up to Trading Path and run to Surveyor General Drive stopping at each road for 20 Bonnie Blairs while watching a guy a try to chase his attack dog around the yard that was barking at us.

Mosey down Surveyor General stopping at PAW PAW lane for more hill work.

10 bonnies blairs at bottom and 2 burpees and with two merkins at top of hill- rinse repeat twice,

Mosey back to starting Cul-de sac for SOME great conversation and pleasantries with a lady walking her Dog– GEEZ KAREN just say good morning ( My bet is she is on the Lawson Facebook page right now complaining about a bunch of dudes using her streets that do not belong in the neighborhood cause they went over to the school)…. That type of rudeness would not be tolerated on the much more laid back side of town aka Braircrest.

Mosey back to School and head to Transporters shed for some sprinting work on way back to COT-

Alternate lights sprint/,mosey back to COT


Hella of a push by all today.. It has been awhile since I posted nuch less Qed Ignition and the goal today was not to die.. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.. but barely. I swear keeping this group engaged and moving is a challenge but it only makes you better as these gazelles can flat out move.


Need help this Friday 4-6pm Christ Closet and more importantly helping with the give away on Saturday 9am-12pm in Pineville.

Thanks to Maddogfor taking us out,

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