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Love your rocks

8 men beat the gloom and the fartsack to push themselves to a better Thursday and beyond on 10/7. As Q, The Orchid sometimes calls on the PAX to pick their passion for exercises and he took that route at The Body Shop also, guiding us to select ab work along Reid Dairy Rd. Some may see it as a way to put the selection with on others but it’s a great way to involve the PAX and allow everyone to lead a little — definitely a great way to loop in new PAX to lead.

Fuse made the trip up from down south and chastised the group for not showing love to their rocks, slamming them on the road and even breaking some. Good call — big lifting rocks at The Body Shop are few and we gotta love the one we’re with. Need a smaller rock? Own it.

And huge props to Sledge-o-matic getting out there for some solo MASH tabata work in the gloom. Do you miss MASH on Thursdays? Come to The Body Shop and join our man Sledge for some good tunes and good moves.

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