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Table for Two


Mosey to the back parking lot and do two laps. Line up for warm-up 15x: SSH, LSS, IW, Merkin (x20), and MC. Winded .myself a little and forgot to do any stretching.

The Thang

Starting at the bottom of the hill, broad jump to the top (modify as needed to hopping) and do 5x Mike Tyson, run down 5x Merkin & repeat. Three rounds got my attention so I called an audible to do five & make it count (they did).

Run back to COT where we had an ample supply of iron plates & kettlebells for the festivities. Each PAX (that’s YHC and Raven) grabs a 35lb & 45lb plate and Farmer’s Carry to the playground near track. (Feeling those forearms getting tired before we even got started).

Five Rounds: 10x: Dead Lift the 80lbs of plates (switch plates each time as they’re uneven to keep it interesting) & 3+ reps of Pull-Ups

Pick up the 45lb plate and carry to the swings (or did we carry both?!). Three rounds: bent over row with the 45lb, then while holding the seat of a swing, lean back about 45 degrees and pull yourself for more rowing action.

Farmer Carry back to COT. While I remembered the family photo, at this point we I forgot all other F3 norms (count off, names, announcements & thanks, ugh – Thanks for Raven!).


Hi-Hat let me know in advance he was held up at work. And Raven reported that with the White Sox playing we probably won’t be seeing Wrigley either. Raven was missing the Braves game too, but he wanted to get some work in & I was happy to serve up some Appetizer delights. I hope he’s enjoying some soreness the next day as we did get in the work with a few unusual movements.

We had some good 2nd F in as well, including naming all the Pax who’ve faded away as the summer progressed. Time to start reaching out to all those Kotters (Magi, Redacted, Dwight, Schedule C, Overdraft, etc).

The evening weather is going to be great for the next few months, so come on out and join us. The Appetizer is 2.0 friendly, but that doesn’t mean its easy for the 1.0s, not at all. I’ll reuse this workout, but next time I think I’ll bring the bars for proper deadlifts – that’ll be fun.

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