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Double dating is cool

… But group dating is better. YHC doesn’t go to workouts looking for a tryst, so the more the merrier.

Four PAX showed up at The Body Shop on 10/14 but it felt like make that. McGee brought a challenging weinke but some are scared of by his high IPC reps and didn’t show. Sledge-o-matic continues to be freed to lead and his ethic attracted Turnbuckle to join him for some insane tabata and McGee and YHC returned to COT to find massive sweat puddles in spite of temps in the 50s.

Q brought a solid workout with suicides and reps, and somehow, the ability to still throw out mumblechatter. Don’t be afraid of a tough Q.

</ Site Q’s rant about sad clowns>

YHC will do more to invite, challenge and EH in future weeks.

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