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17 Total for a change to redeem their 25% Off Coupons.

Warm up – Mosey, Mountain Climbers, Low Slow Squats, Shoulder Tap T Merkins, Bobby Hurley

The Main Thing – Coupon Escalator – with your coupon do each exercise – in between run length of parking lot to the far light post and back

  • 10 Blockee Burpees
  • 20 Bent Over Rows
  • 30 Chest Press
  • 40 Overhead Press
  • 50 Goblet Squat

2- Rounds!!!

Next up head over to Mount Chiseled for 11’s

Start with 1 Shoulder Tap T-Merkin at Bottom

10 Bobby Hurleys as the top

due to time made it to about 8’s


Lots of announcements.

Rice and beans, Christ Closet, Food Drive.

Always a honor to get to Q and lead this group. Lots of work being done by some of our Clydesdales – good work for pushing.

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