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Rain on “Rain Man”

Rain on “Rain Man”

After my first 3 weeks of F3 Drive-by and Chastain were kind enough to ask me to guest Q Clyent Dinner which was a blast.  I thoroughly enjoyed leading this group of men (even though we got a little wet with a shower) and also appreciate the new friendships I’m developing being apart of FS in general.  Kudos to Bottlecap and Ghosted for getting me off the couch and involved.

The Warmup

Mosey to loosen up the legs.

-Circle up to stretch- (Side Straddle Hops (15IC), Imperial Walkers (15IC), Calf stretch(right over left), Warrior 1 pose stretch.

The Appetizer

Mosey over to rocks-Rock Work—Overhead Press (10IC), Squats (10IC), Tricep Extensions (10IC), Flutters (10IC), Chest Press (10IC)

The Thang

-Mosey back over to the Middle School Parking Lot.

              -Starfish(2 rounds)- 4 corners with each corner having an exercise. Return to middle for 3 burpees before advancing to the next corner.

              -1st corner 10 Merkins, 2nd Corner 15 Mountain climbers, 3rd corner 15 Big Boi’s, 4th 15 squats

-Mosey over to benches at school entrance.

Partner Work- 100 step Ups/100 dips/100 American Hammers (partner #1 works while partner      #2 runs a lap then switch.

The Cool Down

-Mosey back to COT stopping at each light pole alternating between 5 lunges and 5 merkins.

**Circle up and Number Off– Name, age, F3 Name**  

**Announcements- Canned Bean Drive (Ghosted), Great Wolf Lodge in Feb**

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