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Swarm Shoulder Fest



Mosey 0.25 miles to parking lot by stadium behind CHS – 20 side strattle hops, 20 Moroccan night clubs, 20 Imperial Walkers & leg stretches.

The Thang

Mosey 0.25 miles to Champion Forest entrance.

Round 1 – 1 mile run down road and back, alternating 67 mailboxes on right hand side 5 merkins & 5 squats.  Last 0.25 mile run return to entrance – single file Indian Run.

Round 2 – Mosey 0.25 miles doing 10 merkins at each light pole on the right and 10 squats at every pole on left (which there were very few).

Round 3 – Five’s in road behind stadium (1 Mike Tyson & 4 squats, 2/3, 3/2, 4/1)

Mosey 0.5 mile back to COT area for final exercise, Jack Webbs 1 merkin/4 air presses….10merkins/40 air presses.


10 Pax put in 4+ miles taking Tour De Champion Forest Mail Box Mania & Cutty Light Pole Lunacy of merkins!

Hurry, Gerber, Dunkin, Bottle Cap & Rain Man always leading from the front as the Gazelles.

Chastain, Inspector Gadget, Sugar Daddy & Premature nice work pushing yourself following right behind.

Nice work fellas…honor to Q with y’all.


> 2nd Harvest bean drive has 3 days left with Monday Morning (10/25) being last day to collect. 512 cans of beans so far from Pax with new stretch goal of 1,000!

> This Saturday (10/23) 9am-12pm – Christ Closet folding party (2.0 & M friendly) in preparation for big giveaway next weekend.

> Friday 10/29 – 4-6pm Christ Closet Truck loading party.

> Saturday 10/30 – Christ Closet Giveaway in Pineville 7:30am: unload & Setup, 9am-12pm: Giveaway & 1pm: Unload back at Christ Closet. Sign-up genius in Group Me to man all volunteers needed.

> 12/4/2021 – SAVE THE DATE for 5K/10K Charity run at Ballantyne Country Club. GOAL IS TO HAVE WAXHAW HAVE MORE SIGN UPS THAN ANY OTHER REGION!!

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