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The Last Dance

8 pax came out today for the “Last Dance” at our Homecoming site, which made it great! I have been the site Q’s for a little over a year here and for the last 6 months we’ve been getting 2-5 pax most Saturdays, so Maple Syrup and I decided to close it down for now and let everyone go over to Commitment. But for this one last time, we had one heck of a workout!

Warm up: A short mosey and then some SSH’s, seal jacks, mountain climbers and a few stretches.

The thang:

I had my cones set up going up the entrance hill. We ran to each cone, starting at the top of the hill, did 20 reps of the exercise written on that cone, then ran back down to the bottom and did 2 burpees each time we got to the bottom, then run up to the next closest cone, etc. The exercises on the 8 cones were lunges, merkins, bobby hurleys, LBC’s, smurph jacks, carolina dry docks, speed skaters, & American hammers. That hill is a butt kicker, but Rain Man just flew up it and Das Boot wasn’t even breathing hard, he’s like a mountain goat. There was a lot of chatter about football so maybe we were going too slow. We talked about how Weddington beat Cuthbertson last night, and how Marvin is selling “Beat Weddington” t-shirts for their big rival game next Friday night. Who will win that one? I’m thinking Weddington but I might buy one of the shirts anyway. And Fuse Box’s daughter is in a double elimination softball tourney so let’s wish her good luck!

Next we mosied over to the middle school b-ball lot and did a round of Big Bang. You plank up on the starting line, then you run 10 paces and do 10 T-Merkins, then run back to the start and plank to wait for the 6. Next we ran 20 paces and did 20 of heels to heaven (I think), run back to start and plank. Then run 30 paces and do 30 LBC’s, run back and plank. Then run 40 paces and do 40 shoulder taps, run back and plank. Then run 50 paces and do 50 seal jacks, run back and plank. We could all feel the power of the ever expanding universe pushing us forward as Posse made some thoughtful scientific comments, I was confused. It made me want to join the Space Force, or Space-X, or maybe just watch Star Wars.

Then we ran up the bus lot entrance and did 5 hand release Merkins at each light. While we ran, Rain Man told me that he has 4 children, 2 of which are adopted (one from Africa and one from China). I thought that was cool because my wife and her brother are adopted, and my wife just recently found her birth mom because she did the 23 and me DNA test. Adoption is very cool. But anyways, back to the workout.

We then ran a short ways down 12 Mile Creek road to the elementary school entrance, and at each light on that road we did 5 Bobby Hurleys. Recalculating had not corrected anyone’s form yet, which was surprising. We probably could have used some of that.

Next we ran over to the elementary parking lot by the rock pile and did a star fish routine with 2 burpees each time in the middle and at the corners we did 10 Big Boy sit-ups and 10 reps of three other exercises that I can’t remember, it’s all a blur. That is what I get for not writing down my weinke.

The last thing we did was go run up each of the 8 sets of stairs on the big bleachers (after taking a selfie of all of us on the track. Posse made sure to cover the the F3 logo). Each time we were at the bottom we did 5 Carolina Dry Docks and at the top 5 low slow squats. And finally we ran part way around the track towards the middle school and did a jail break on the straight long side.

We finished 1 minute over at 7:31pm.

Everyone pushed themselves, and pushed me, I thought it was a great workout. It was great to have two newish pax there, Rain Man and Cartel. They have both only been coming out for a few weeks and they’re killing it! I will miss this site for Saturday mornings, but Maple Syrup and I agree that having more guys to workout with and go to Coffeeteria will be better for everyone, and we can always open Homecoming back up if Commitment gets too crowded.

One thing I really like about F3 is how so many of us have kids and how we’re all trying to survive and thrive as dads. I went to Taco Bell today for lunch (it had been about a year and it sounded good. Now I’m good for at least another year) and this lady started talking to me about how she works with a bunch of teenagers at Walmart and how clueless they all are, and how she’s so glad that she never had kids because she just has no patience for teenagers. While I had to agree with her that common sense does not abound with most teenagers, I felt a little bad for her that she will probably never know what she’s missing out on by not having kids. We have 5 kids from ages 24 down to 13, 4 boys and 1 girl, and I love being a dad.

We know all too well the stress of having teenagers, worrying about what they are up to, visits from the Sherrif and visits to the Union County courthouse for what they were up to, upset neighbors, upset HOA boards, speeding tickets, traffic accidents, etc, etc, but I wouldn’t trade any of it for the alternative of not having kids. I’ve gotten so much joy from being a dad, from coaching my boys basketball teams, cheering their football teams, cheering my daughters dance team, from seeing them become great friends as they’ve gotten older, and becoming great friends with them, and just so many other things, as all you dads know. A wise man once said, “the joy we feel has little to do with the circumstances of our lives, and everything to do with the focus of our lives.” That man was Russell M Nelson. We find true joy when we focus our lives on serving God, and trying to be a better dad is one of the best ways we can serve God and find joy. So if you’re struggling with a difficult teenager right now, hang in there. I know how you feel (I’ve had 4 of them so far!) and I can tell you that you’ll get through this, and it gets way better on the other side of it. If you’re having a hard time finding joy right now, maybe take a look at the focus of your life and make some adjustments. You made a GREAT choice to have kids, and we can do this dad thing!

Have a fantastic weekend brothers!

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