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Let’s play dress up

It’s Halloween week and if you’ve been in F3 long enough you know that means it’s dress up week for Zinfandel. For his 80th through 84th Qs we’d all be seeing various levels of characters, drag, and maybe a wise man? If you haven’t experienced it, this is your week to find out.

But not today! Due to some poor planning unfortunate circumstances, Zinfandel had to call an audible and get a substi-Q. He may have been looking for Recalculating to fill in but he got stuck with Recalculating AND Chastain. We wanted to dress up as Zin but Amazon was all out of Jackass costumes. Too bad…

Recal and I had agreed to split the workout; he’d take warmups and 15 minutes and I’d take the back half.


Mosey down the path to the palace and take an immediate right down the sidewalk to the little used alcove on the side of the middle school. Low Slow Squats, Diamond Merkins, Mountain Climbers, and a few stretches

The Thang (Recalculating)

25 is the number. The exercises were Donkey Kicks, Mike Tysons, and Wall Touch Bobby Hurleys with a run to the end of the sidewalk and back in between.

Next, a mosey back to the Palace Path and down the next sidewalk to the back of the middle school. Repeato the previous exercises with a run to the sidewalk at the buses and back.

Throw in a handful of Dips and Step-Ups on the picnic tables and then a careful mosey to the basketball courts. Partner up. Each person runs suicide line taps to the far line and back. Count each tap. After a minute (?) do some fancy math that I’m still not sure about and somehow that adds up to you and your partner doing Burpees. I did 5. I have no idea how that compared to what anyone else did.

At this point we’re well into my time but Recalculating seems keen on taking it all. He’s lining everyone back up to do more suicides but with numerous pax planning a mutiny I yell “Let’s mosey!”

The Thang (Chastain)

We had ample time to plan this thing together but due to laziness being veterans we decided we’d both wing it and just figure out the exercises/locations on the go. Fortunately, Recalc put us pretty close to the middle of the AO so we didn’t have too far to go to do what I’d planned.

Run down to Rudy’s Poop Palace. Oh wait, did I mention I was wearing a costume this morning?

Fat Flash

I thought about being the Flash, you know, since the name of this AO is Flash. I also thought about being Fat Thor from Avengers: End Game since I have a his hammer. Then for whatever reason Amazon decided to suggest this inflatable suit that happened to come in red which cemented the idea, for better or for worse. I can’t believe I left the chest logo in the car. Use your imaginations…

Back to the mosey: I can’t put my arms down by my side. If I can’t put them down by my side then no one else should be able to either. So while we mosey we also Pick Cherries!

Down at Transporters Office, grab some wall and do 25 Air Presses and 10 Donkey Kicks on my up. Then run back up to the covered awning and do 10 Mike Tysons and 10 Big Boi Sit-Ups OYO. If you’re running, you’re Picking Cherries or Dropping Cherries in the Bucket.

Back to the shed for a repeato with the Air Presses and Donkey Kicks. Then back up to the awning for 10 Speed Skaters (2=1) and 10 Bobby Hurleys.

One more time to the shed for Air Presses and Donkey kicks and back to the awning for 10 Shoulder Tap Merkins and 10 Mountain Climbers (2=1)

Mere minutes remaining form two lines for an Indian Run back to COT where we finished out with American Hammers and American Knockouts.


The costume was hella fun but horrible (as expected) for working out in. Props to Zin for having fun and coming up with new and inventive ways to spice up a normal workout.

If you’re looking for more shenanigans, check the schedule and see what Zin’s got booked for the rest of the week. Feel free to wear your own costume.

Also, welcome to Wonton. Son of our own Butter Man, he’s back home for a bit from the Raleigh area. The name wasn’t too bad so he probably won’t call himself an FNG and roll the dice for a new name when he posts with F3 Raleigh…


  • Christ’s Closet – Loading and giveaway this weekend! We need your help to load the trucks on Friday and then unload, deliver, and assist on Saturday in Pineville. Here’s a Sign Up Genius so you can see where the most need is:
  • October Second Harvest Food Drive – This month F3 Waxhaw combined to provide over 1300 cans of beans for the food drive. Ghosted is delivering this morning. Way to go fellas!
  • Q School – Saturday, November 6th at Cuthbertson Middle School. Open to all. Encouraged for anyone who has never been before. It’s an easy going learning experience designed to get everyone on the same page regarding the basics of leading a workout. If you’ve never been before plan on attending. Sign up here:

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