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Aptly Named Chicken S#;t!!

It’s Friday and my co-Q bailed the night before due to vaginitis. That’s maybe not entirely the real reason but to give the excuse would giveaway said pax’s identity. So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it…

Luckily I got the neighborhood homie that’s always available in the clutch and he had an idea that I loved…

Last minute costume change to a #2 because that’s how I was feeling. 

DiCCS given. Low headcount. Let’s rage. 


Mosey around the lot for stragglers and than towards the back of the middle school. Circle up. 

1. 20 x SSH IC

2. 10 x Moroccan Night Clubs

3. Jimmy Dugan

4. Downward Dog

5. Upward Dog

6. 10 x merkins IC 

7. Calf Stretch

8. Can Opener & Runners Pose

Mosey to front of middle school and grab a partner. Split a 100 of each with a short hot lap inbetween:

• Inclined merkins 

• Big boy Situps

• Deep plunging lunges

***WTF is going on with everyone’s counting? I mean are people even trying anymore or hoping to get better through osmosis? You do you but holy shit it’s frustrating see on a daily basis. I’m not sure when it became “cool” to cheat/cut corners/pussify the workouts***

Let’s mosey…over to the 1st alcove and HOLY SHEET what is a Chicken doing in here? Fantastic. 

We were told to grab some wall for some pain that would start with the shoulders and remain with the shoulders until the workout was complete. You are an evil man Chicken Little but thank you for joining in the fun. 

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