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The World Series!

It was a chilly 39 degrees and windy this morning, and 9 brave pax showed up to try and get a sweat on, which was hard to do, but we made it happen, thanks in part to a great play list and an opening song by Kiss that really got Blue Screen fired up! That guy loves Kiss!

Warm up was a short mosie, SSH, seal jacks, mtn climbers, calf stretch, runners stretch.

We ran up the road and did one Merkin at each tree. At the turn in to the school we did a series of Aiken Legs (10 bobby hurleys, 10 lunges, 10 speed skaters, 10 squats). Then we mosied up to the playground at the school.

I had some cones set up like a baseball diamond so we could celebrate the Braves big win of the World Series this week. There were exercises on each cone to do. 1st base was 10 mtn climbers, 2 base was 10 snow angels, 3rd base was 10 bobby hurleys. We did 4 laps around the bases and at home plate we stacked 5 burpees for the first round, 2nd round was 5 burpees & 10 speed skaters. 3rd round was 5 burpees, 10 speed skaters & 15 merkins. 4th round was 5 burpees, 10 speed skaters, 15 merkins, 20 smurph jacks. JWOW and Blue Screen mentioned how they were just doing normal jacks but they looked like smurph jacks to me. Then we did one more time around the bases just for fun. I have to say, guys like Twinkle Toes are inspiring to me. He’s out there with a shoulder injury so he can’t do certain things, but he’s still there pushing forward and doing what he can instead of sleeping in and making excuses. Nice job man!

Next we took a lap out to Kensington rd, turned down into Millbridge and met up at the school entrance. Here we did a round of Aiken Abs (10 big boys, 10 American Hammers, 10 V-ups, 10 snow angels), and then mosied up to the playground again. There were a few groans about going back to where we just were, but there was more fun to be had around those bases.

Teams of 3, one pax ran, one did pull ups, one did burpees (but only 5 and then switch to LBC’s), and we did three rounds of this.

One more lap out to Kensington and back into Millbridge, then we met up again at the school entrance for another round of Aiken Abs with one of the exercises being crab jacks. Popeye said he felt like Susan Summers doing the thigh master, I think he must have one of those. Then back to the playground again, a few more groans.

When we got there this time we noticed someone had left a big tractor tire laying there so we decided to use it. Each pax called out an exercise that the rest of us did while he flipped the tire 10X. I think it was Dough Boy who called out Burpees for us, thanks Dough Boy!

One last lap out to Kensington rd, back into Millbridge, and one more round of Aiken Abs. This time we did Big Boys, Freddy Mercury, something else, and then Australian Snow Angels.

We headed back to COT doing one burpee at each tree, and then finished up with a few LBC’s to run out the clock.

I lost count of all the burpees, but I’m pretty sure we got at least 50 in today, which was one of my goals, nice work fellas! Today is my big FIVE-O birthday, so sorry guys, but you did my birthday burpees with me and you didn’t even realize it. I have to say that F3 has been a bright spot in my life for the last few years. I started coming out to F3 in 2016 thanks to Das Boot. I have been pretty inconsistent during that time. For a long time I would post 1 day and then take about 10 off. But F3 has helped me to lose 20 lbs and put me in better shape today than I was at 40 years old, and it’s way more fun than going to the Y. I’ve met a bunch of great men who are awesome examples, serving in the community, and help push me to keep going. It’s so much easier to work out when you’re not doing it alone, that is for sure. I’m looking forward to the next 10 years, and I hope I can be out there still doing this when I’m 62 like Blue Screen and some other dudes who are killing it! Nice work guys!! Have a great weekend.

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