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Really liking The Lycan-November 1st, 2021

(5) PAX enjoyed The Lycan-we all liked it!


  1. Mosey to the Cemetery since it was the day after Halloween and circled up.
  2. SSH, Imperial Walkers, Hillbilly Walkers, Rocking Nightclubs, Calf Stretches, and figuring out how to do Upward Dog and Downward Dog properly.

The Thang

25 LBCs then run the oval in the cemetery

25 Gas pumpers, run the oval

25 Chinook Squat, run the oval

Repeat (most of us repeated it)

Mosey to the Bus Parking lot behind school. Dodge buses and traffic.

Starfish: 5 Bobby Hurley’s in the center

  1. Corner 1-25 V-Ups
  2. Corner 2-25 Rocky Balboas
  3. Corner 3-25 Mountain Climbers 2:1
  4. Corner 4-25 Freddie Mercury’s
  5. Repeat

Find a curb, sprint to the other side, squat lunges back, repeat

Stairs: 25 LBCs-Run ramp and up stairs, 25 LSS-Run, 25 Shoulder Taps 2:1-Run, 25 Mike Tyson’s-Run….Repeat

Mosey to Front of School to front parking lot

Reverse Jack Webb’s: 40 Air Curls, 10 Merkins….around the PAX…

Mosey to COT


Thanksgiving 5k and 10k run at Briar Crest…See signups on GroupMe or talk to Chicken Little. You get a free T-shirt and it’s for a great cause.

Bring non perishable food items for Waxhaw Elementary food drive.

Prayer Requests:

Chainsaw’s niece continued prayer

Dunkin job situation

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