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Springsteen Web

There had been a slide in Site Q duties lately. Thank God Surge was fresh off of Rockwell training and checked in with me Sunday afternoon. While I had that I was Q’ing Flash on my calendar….I had failed to look at my calendar or even think about the fact that I was Q’ing the next day. Good job Surge (and a lesson to the other site Q’s…always check in to confirm the Q).

Early morning mumble chatter centered around how much weathermen (people?) suck. I went to bed expecting 40 degrees and wake up with ice on the car. What the hell?

DiCCS given. Mumble Chatter still high. No cars coming in so I decided to start a couple seconds early.


Mosey to Transporter’s Shed/Rudy’s Poop Palace. Wall sit waiting on the 6, which was a while for me (apparently Q juice was flowing?). Once every one arrived we calf stretch pushed against the wall.

Mosey towards high school and stop for Potatoe (E added for Dan Quail) Pickers and a smattering of hamstring stretches.

Mosey towards round about for another hamstring stretch (foreshadowing of sprints coming maybe?)

Mosey to Football Stadium Lot.


Bruce Springsteen Web. Springsteen’s are like Paula Abdul’s except they are one bear crawl up and two bear crawl’s back. Here is the video if you don’t get the song reference:

The northeast crew was excited at the mention of Springsteen, but their excitement quickly faded as we started the workout.

The Webb portion would be Merkins and Mountain Climbers. So bear crawl up one parking space and do 1 merkin. Crawl bear back 2 spaces and do 4 mountain climbers (1 is 1). Up 1 space for 2 merkins, back 2 spaces for 8 mountain climbers. Repeat until we completed 10 merkins and 40 mountain climbers.

Rockwell who is beside me during this awful idea leans over and says “Fuse, you may want to retire the Springsteen’s”.

Mosey down past the bottom of the parking lot to the entrance road. I ask pax to give me more than a mosey but less than a sprint up around the island. As the lead person passes you, you stop and turn around. In theory only a couple guys will make it around the island before they start passing pax causing them to turn around. Huge effort out of Radar and Ex on these runs.

Mosey to alcove and partner up. Partner 1 start on Lt. Dan’s. Partner 2 do 10 hand release donkey kicks and then take over Lt. Dan’s from your partner. I apparently had too much faith in the pax ability to both count Lt. Dan’s and hand them off mid cycle, but the pax eventually caught on. For those head scratching the hand release donkey kicks – its a donkey kick but you finish with your feet close to your hands then release your hands into a squat position (don’t stand up) and then back down for another donkey kick. It causes the legs to do extra work…if you don’t believe me try it.

Mosey to road connecting the high school and middle school. Same Partners for Leap Frog. P1 does inch worm merkins while P2 runs past them to the next light then starts inch work merkins. Continue leap frogging your partner until you are at the middle school.

Mosey to middle school benches (I think that’s what I called them but several heard another B word). Its Veteran’s Day this Thursday. I saw this article yesterday and wanted to incorporate this into today’s workout but had no clue how much time I’d have to do it.

We had about 5 minutes to do as many step up’s as you could do. Radar asked me if I knew why the 1000 step ups, I did but I thought it would be much more impactful if Radar explained it being a vet himself. I was right. Great job Radar. (Please read the article above which goes into details of why). I asked pax to do the last 10 in silence thinking about our veterans and the sacrifices they made.

About a minute left so I called 5 burpees and jailbreak to COT.



  • Thanks for those that joined this morning. A bit colder than we all expected. I wish I could be wrong 80 percent of the time and still keep my job.
  • Surge stepping in nicely as site q at Flash. Great job checking in with me.
  • Chatter while not an official site Q today never relinquishes his duties and circled back several times.
  • I had done the Springsteen move before at Asylum (I think) and it wasn’t well received by the pax then. I believe for its debut it was 5 merkins on the up and 10 in/outs on the back. I thought I’d make it a little easier today but it escapes me on how I thought turning it into a Webb would be better.
  • The hand release donkey kicks were courtesy of my wife. She did them at a personal training class yesterday and said they were a big hit so I thought I’d try them. They definitely put a little added work on the legs for the hand release part. It was also the perfect amount of time to break up Lt. Dan’s while adding some cardio.
  • I was accused of being shot out of a cannon and full of Q juice today. Sometimes you feel like you’re carrying 20 pounds on your back….today wasn’t one of those days. Perhaps due to the NC State win over Florida State. First time since 2002 (when I was still in school and Philip Rivers was our QB) that we have beat both Clemson and FL State in the same year. Looking to potentially clinch our first ACC Football Championship this weekend but our nemesis Wake Forest in Winston-Salem stands in our way (don’t laugh, we’ve only one once in Winston Salem since I graduated college).
  • Great catching up with a few pax during and after workouts today. Love the checking in and accountability going on inside F3 between brothers.


HIMPACT Local 5K/10K/Ruck is Dec 4th at Ballantyne Golf Course. Sign up before November 17th if you want a shirt. We are trying to sign up more pax in Waxhaw than any other region. Right now FIA is beating us. Sign up here:

Briarcrest Turkey Trot raising money for cancer research. Chicken claims its a rare cancer in which 1 and 31 people have…..chickens are not great at math. See Chicken for details and sign ups.

Pray for 0-69’s friends son who is on a breathing tube and the tube was clogged leaving him with out oxygen for a long period of time.

Continued prayers for Chainsaws niece.

I also challenged pax to reach out to a veteran this week. Don’t wait for veterans day. Prayers for those who are still carrying the weight of war on their shoulders.

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