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I forgot to remember

The Site Qs may not have remembered the flag but I DID get a text from Schneider yesterday morning: “Morning buddy have you on Q tomorrow just checking you’re all good”

Oh yeah, tooooootally didn’t forget I was on Q. Definitely wasn’t planning on hitting the trails in the AM…

Good thing I showed because so did everyone else. A total of 23 pax beat the fartsack this chilly morn. It might’ve been the marketing. Heads up Site Qs, Waxhaw pax like soccer:


A quick lap around the middle school car line loop. Circle up for some SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Moroccan Night Clubs, Mountain Climbers, Calf Stretches, and Glidah Stretches. Mosey to the alcove at the middle school for…

The Thang

I’m disappointed we couldn’t collectively come up with a better name for a horrible exercise. Instead we’re stuck with Donkey Kick In & Outs, which is exactly what it sounds like. Plank with your feet against a wall and in cadence do a donkey kick then an In & Out (bring your feet to your hands then back to plank). 5 times in cadence then a hot lap around the loop. Repeato, hot lap, repeato.

Mosey to the elementary school side entrance road for some Paula Abduls. 5 Merkins on the way up and 5 Squats on the way back. All the way to the stop sign at Twelve Mile Creek. I think there were roughly 72 light poles or something.

Fast mosey to the other entrance and down the way a bit to the first light pole. Arranged in a straight line towards the school were 4 cones (how’d those get there?) roughly 25 yards apart. Next up is the Quarter Pounder:

  • Run to the first cone (25 yards) and do 25 Merkins
  • Run backwards to the light pole
  • Run forwards to the second cone (50 yards) and do 50 LBCs
  • Karaoke back to the light pole
  • Run forwards to the third cone (75 yards) and do 75 Mountain Climbers
  • Karaoke the other direction back to the light pole
  • Run forwards to the last cone (100 yards) and do 100 Side Straddle Hops (first pax to finish completes it for everyone; thanks Dunkin)

Leave it to Damascus to complain about something. Not sure what it was though as I wasn’t listening.

Glance at the watch and we’re only 23 minutes in. How is that? I thought we’d be almost done…oooh yeaaaaahhh, I completely forgot a round of exercises all the way on the other side of the playground. Quick (careful) mosey through the dark alongside the fence to get to the rock pile next to the playground. Split into groups of 3 and grab one lifting rock to share.

Partner 1 does Curls/Rows/Tricep Extensions with the rock. Partner 2 runs to the far curb. Partner 3 does Merkins/Big Boi Sit-Ups/Squats. When the runner gets to a partner they trade places. Repeato until all partners have done all exercises.

Mosey back to the front of the middle school and do some more Donkey Kick In & Outs. 10 reps this time, hot lap, 10 reps, then back to COT for some quick Mary with American Hammers, American Knock Outs, Box Cutters, and Flutters.


Great job Watchtower Site Qs with your marketing and reminders to the Q. It goes a long way in getting people to your site and making sure the Q shows up too!

Welcome to FNGs Hoot and Ziggy from Ground40 ministry. Kudos to Radar for bringing them out as we look to form a partnership with them and their outreach to recovering men in our communities.


Turkey Trot 2021 – Charity run supporting sarcoma cancer research – Sign up:

HIMPACT Local 5K/10K/Ruck is Dec 4th at Ballantyne Golf Course. Sign up before November 17th if you want a shirt. We are trying to sign up more pax in Waxhaw than any other region. Right now FIA is beating us. Sign up here:

Weight Loss Challenge – Wanna lose weight? Turns out others do too. Talk to Posse

Holiday hours this Thursday at Body Shop – 6am start – Sweetwater on Q. Allegedly, he brings beer every time he Qs

Prayers for O-69’s friend Josh – trach tube was blocked the other day and was without oxygen for 12 minutes. He’s in bad condition and could use your prayers

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