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Hump Day at Dromedary-School was fun?

What a great time at school this morning! 16 of us toured Marvin Ridge High School and felt like going back to class…at least back to Middle School and High School.


A quick mosey to the end of the last parking lot. Circle up for some SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Rocking Nightclubs, Frankensteins from one curb to the next, repeat back, Tippy Toes from one curb to the next, repeat back. Plank it up for some calf stretches, Upward and Downward Doggs. Mosey to the center of the next parking lot.

The Thang

Starfish: 5 Bobby Hurleys in the Center

Corner 1: 25 Rocky Balboas 2:1

Corner 2: 25 LBCs

Corner 3: 25 Flutters 2:1

Corner 4: 25 Gas Pumpers

Rinse and Repeat three times. Some of gazelles got to run from one side of the parking lot to the other since they finished quicker than some of the others. Not punishment, but reward for finishing the job early.

Mosey up to the drop off area by the High School entrance. School was in session. Start off by running a half loop of the front parking lot.

Billy Madison-definitely needed to work on counting with others…

Grade 6: Alternating Side Squats-became Hulksters thanks to One Star: Run half loop

Grade 7: Backward Lunges 2:1; run half loop

Grade 8: Speed Skaters 2:1; run half loop

Grade 9: V-Ups; run half loop

Grade 10: Mountain Climbers 2:1; run half loop

Grade 11: LSS 1-2-3; run half loop

Grade 12: because of time we just did Hulksters because I wanted to…

Mosey to COT for Reverse Jack Webbs

40 Air Presses, 10 Merkins…we got to 36 Air Presses before time was called.


Excellent work gentlemen. Thanks to Deep Dish and Premature for allowing me to Q. Thanks to Chicken Little for helping with the time. Thanks to all 15 for participating in the counting when the Q asked.


Turkey Trot 2021-Charity run supporting sarcoma cancer research…sign ups on GroupMe.

HIMPACT local 5K/10K/Ruck on Dec 4th at Ballantyne Golf Course.

Body Shop starts at 6am tomorrow for Veterans Day


Johnny Utah’s friend who has colon cancer

One Star’s mom has been diagnosed with sarcoma

Jwow’s grandson is due in 2 weeks, prayers for everything to go smoothly

Continue to pray for Hollywood and his wife recovering from Covid.

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