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Partner Day

At Cowbell today, the sprint loop started at the Petsmart front stoop and went the long way around the back of the Hickory Tavern/Brooklyn Pizza. It felt like an 800, but nobody measured it.

Partner up with someone with a similar size bell.

Do the loop. Partner #1 farmer carries. Partner #2 does 15 merkins and then sprints to take over the farmer carries. Repeato until the loop is complete.

Then Partner #1 does the exercises in chalk. (Where applicable, 2 is 1, because there is no other way.) Partner #2 sprints the loop, then takes over exercises. Repeato until 6:15.

Yes, it was as awesome as it sounds. We missed you. 😘

Thanks to Gadget for the take out. By the way, for those who don’t know yet, Gadget is an extremely impressive thinker and has been a huge asset to our 3rd F Monday nights at F3Sanctuary. Pick his brain some time.

One more: Rainman has quickly worked himself into the top 10 for fitness in Waxhaw, and shows no sign of letting up.

Finally, any stories you hear about peer pressure or exhortations are false. Everyone used a bell they eventually were comfortable with. And I did hear some positive encouragement, which warmed my heart.

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