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Due to Deadwood getting kicked in the eye and having undergo emergency surgery, he was not able to Q Watchtower today. Since the change was kind of last minute instead of scrambling to find a replacement Schneider and I decide that I would Q today.


Started with a slow mosey up the front hill and back down, then back to COT and we did 15 SSH, Jimmy Dougans, Calf Stretches, runner stretch and 10 merkins.


Mosey over to the back driveway and at every light we did 10 big boys, then ran back down the hill to do 10 merkins. when we got to the top we picked up the 6 and as a group we went around to the other entrance. On the way down that drive way we did a Paula Abdul of drydocks and lbc’s at every light going down the driveway. We then went over to the rock pile by the playground. Everyone picked up a rock and we did 25 curls, 25 triceps extensions, 25 squat thrusters, 25 curls again, 25 triceps extensions and finally 25 chest presses. in between each exercise we ran across the parking lot. we then moseyed over to the front of the school where we did 25 step ups, 25 heels to heaven, 25 LBC’s each followed by a lap around the parking lot. We had a l little time left so we did a lap of Catch me if you can – everyone partners up partner A starts to run around the parking lot backwards, partner B does 10 squats and then tries to catch partner A. When Partner B catches A, partner A does 10 squats and partner B runs backwards. After 1 lap of this we headed back to COT and it was time.


Overall it was fun leading the workout. It had been a while since I led a workout at Watchtower. We did over 3 miles of running but it did not feel like it. I think a few people were surprised when they looked at their watches.

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