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Passing the Flag

DICCS– Given- to cover all the normal stuff- cpr, cell phone, modify as needed-ect..

Fast paced mosey down trail and stopping near buses for quick warm up

Jimmy Dungan/Runners pose/10 merkins

Fats paced mosey to circle island near fields for more warm ups

Jimmy Dungan/Calf Stretch/ 10 merkins

Fast paced mosey to big lot…

The Thang

In the large lot

Sprint to first parking space and mosey back to start for 1 burpee and 10 Speed skaters– continue this across whole lot going to next parking space each time.

Rinse repeat but this time when you return to start you complete bomb jacks and 3 jump squats

Mosey to overhang/stairs near buses and partner up

partner 1 run around triangle and complete 2 burpees before coming up stairs.

P2- 200 donkey kicks, 100 dry docks, 30 mike Tysons

Mosey to benches behind cafeteria

30 dips/15 one legged dips/15 one legged dips- run to end of school and back

20 dips/1- one legged dips/10 one legged dips- run to end of school and back

Fast paced mosey back to COT- Done 2.99 miles!!!


Great group today post Turkey day and a few faces we have not seen in a awhile like Minuteman and Cobbler-glad to see you boys back out. Also, The Chicken has turned over his flag to Inspector Gadget, Inspector has become a leader within our PAX and it was an honor to turn the flag over to him . Inspector started with us and he just blended in at first –but now he is coming into his on with posting at different sites, competing in IPC, having his voice heard, Qing at sites and even running with those fools at express — NICE WORK BROTHER!! Today we also welcomed a FNG Robert Cummings form Braircrest Hood- Robert is from Chicago and has been looking fora a group like F3 and he found us through the Turkey Trot held in Briarcrest ion Turkey Day.. Welcome brother!!


Beer/Ornament exchange at Zinfandels house 12/04— PLEASE RSVP

Chatterbox- is fundraising for roofs in Indian- Check the Newchannel and he and his wife are cooking dInners this Friday — Word on the street is she is an excellent cook so sign up for a great cause and get some good grub!!

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