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Games of Chance


Mosey to the back parking lot, and back, mixing in run backward, high knees, butt kickers and Carioca. Plank up as a handful of late-comers casually de-vechicle and join us (two 2.0 FNGs included – pressure is on – gulp). 15x of SSH, IW, Merkin (x20), MC, LSS and repeat SSH to stall as another car pulls in the lot, but not to join us – let’s mosey.

Run around to the back of my car where we have some toys (dice and balls [the 20lb kind]). Grab a ball or pair of dice or wait your turn and we mosey a lap around the parking lot, handing the ball or dice (not that they weigh anything) and the PAX get some time handing of the 20lbs. Run down to the basketball court leaving our possessions in the middle and plank up briefly.

That’s too boring, so side-plank (I’m out of practice on those, but not alone) flap-jack (more mumble chatter), then stretch with some can opener and we hop up for a short mosey around the track (or maybe I imagined that)

Circle up and count off. Odds are one team Evens another – correction, “let’s do Dads vs Kids because we have 5 of each” says Freestyle as the competitive 2.0 she is. You’re on & be careful what you wish for.

The game, each team has a pair of dice, one person from each team calls an exercise, for example “loser does burpees”, “winner does SSH”. Roll the dice and high roll wins. The number of reps is the difference between the rolls. After several rounds of this, Magi (who test ran this game with me the week, we’re pros now) threw in a lap for the losers. That was hardly a punishment for the 2.0s, most of whom are on the middle school track team. They cheered their roller to lose and groaned in disappointment on winning.

Finally, we lined up with teams facing each other, two rows of five. Number 1 holding the 20lb ball, number 5 has foot on edge of the basketball court. Both teams start together, passing the ball down the line. The last pax has no one to hand off too, so take the ball to the start of the line and hand to the first pax. The line moves slowly across the court in this manner until the winning team reaches the other side. Dads dominated the first round as the 2.0s kept dropping their ball. It didn’t hurt that the PAX weren’t moving a weight that was 33% of their body weight. We switched sides for the second and deciding round which was a photo finish – participation trophies for all, were not distributed.

Grab the gear and mosey back to COT. We got on our six and I kicked it off with H2H and handed off to the 2.0s to finish up our Mary. Veteran/Kotters Freestyle lead us in a healthy does of LBCs, followed by veteran/regular Rock for Freddy Mercury & Girltano (I think for her first time, didn’t shy away from the spotlight called out her cadence like a pro – great job) called something else I can’t recall.

Rubbermaid (Appetizer Kotter) brought out 2 2.0s whom we had the pleasure of naming, welcome Mocha & Water Boy (someone can tell him he needs to be renamed if he shows up again).


Attendance has been low, but with a consistent batch of rotating evening regulars. So, I’m not sure what conspired to bring some many folks out this evening but I’m always glad to have the company and camaraderie. I hope everyone had a good time.

For next round of the dice game, I think we should use a challenge like running a lap or do some exercise until the others return & winner decides which is worse. That’ll avoid the lame loser challenge of doing 1 or 2 reps because the rolls were so close.

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