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Sweet 16

Thanks to Zinfandel for the title…

My first born son, Lucas (Magic), turned 16 today and was the inspiration for the reps and exercises during the workout.

Thanks to the 14 other brothers who joined me in tribute this morning.


Mosey around the island near COT to give an extra few seconds for PAX rolling in on 2 wheels and then headed to the other side of the student lot for 16 X Side Straddle Hops IC. Also allowed a couple of other tardy PAX to join in the fun.

Moseyed to the Bus lot entrance and did 16 X Imperial Walkers then to the sidewalk near the middle school cafeteria for some stretching, Merkins and Moroccan Nightclubs.


Mosey to the rock pile and select a lifting rock and place it on the corner of the track for the next evolution:

Short Mosey back to the cafeteria entrance for

16 Minute AMRAP

Starting and ending at the cafeteria entrance do exercises at each corner and at end of each lap.

Corner 1: 16 X Lunges (8 each leg)

Corner 2: 16 X Upright Rows with Rock

Corner 3: 16 X Carolina Dry Docks

Corner 4: 16 X American Hammers (2 = 1)

Cafeteria: 16 X Squats

(Just a happy coincidence that each exercise begins with a letter of my son’s name…)

Mosey back to the Student Lot for a 4 – star fish

Corner 1 do 16 X LBC, Corner 2 16 X Merkin, Corner 3 16 X Heals to Heaven, Corner 4 do 16 X Bobby Hurleys. After completing each corner return to the middle for 1 X Burpee. Everyone completed ~3 rounds for a total of 12 Burpees. We ran out of time so everyone did 4 Burpees to complete 16 Birthday Burpees and AYG to COT. Done!


I was privileged to lead such a great group of guys this morning. Plenty of mumble-chatter about the AMRAP or that YHC was a little out of sorts with the pre-exercise calls.


Saturday, 12/4 morning – 5k/10k run/walk/ruck in Ballantyne, Sign up and participate if you can. We only have 9 PAX signed up.

Saturday, 12/4 evening – Go to Zinfandel’s back yard for 2nd F “Ornament” exchange. BYOB

Saturday, 12/11 afternoon – Toy Drive/Kickball game Bring toys and 2.0’s

Sock Drive: Collecting good condition socks through December for Christ’s Closet & Rice N’ Beans

PSA: Flexibility of the Calf, Place your foot with toes toward the wall but 6″ away and try to touch your knee (of the same leg) to the wall. That is full-range flexibility according to Shop Dog.

Prayer Requests: Juiced, Lost his dad last week and his family is in mourning. Please say a prayer for him and his family.

YHC took us out

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