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Marketing to Waxhaw’s Finest

Well when asked a few weeks ago which Monday do you want to Q, I responded with pick a date. Its been 4 months since my last so heck lets go. 5 Pax joined me for this installment of The Lycan. As 5:15 rolled around DiCCS were handled given and we were off for a quick mosey around school.

Warmup with SSH, Merkins, Stretching, and Imperial Walkers. From there we Moseyed to the cemetery and partnered up. Five Handclap Merkins when partners meet from opposite directions. At the corners we completed Big Boys, Mike Tysons, Drydocks, and Hammers for 4 rounds. Hey Posse how about a 10 count, “sure Dana” now for 10 Merkins. Then we Moseyed back to school for wall sit jabs. Next on the fun train was Dips and Calf raises while the other partner ran the short lap and Bear Crawled from the flagpole to the front. Would you look at that we still have plenty of time for the stairs on the back. Starting at the top we completed , LBC, Flutters, and Rosalitas. With a few minutes to go we headed the long way back to COT, for Shoulder Taps.

Everyone pushed it today and got their week started in the right direction as the Qs will only get better from here. Getting back to the beginning, two of our esteemed police officers were in the parking lot and never missing a chance to increase Waxhaws dominance Posse handed out some F3 business cards.


  • Keep Schnitzel’s Mother in your continued prayers, final consult today things going well.
  • Keep Juices family in your prayers
  • Kickball this Saturday at CHS, clear out your toys (non damaged) and/or new toys and bring for Christ Closet.

Next week Mute Material will be leading The Lycan.

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