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Attack the hills!

This Q was a long time coming. Ghosted accosted me (as he did many of you) back in May at the Waxhaw Trail Fest and locked me in (or so he thought) for an August Q. Turns out, I had to reschedule due to going out of town. No problem! We’ll push it off until November. Again, I begged to reschedule because I was “tapering” (fancy runner’s word meaning slacking off) before the Spartan Beast that weekend.

Alas, the Pursuit had finally caught up with me and today was the day I figured out what the heck a Q did for an hour long RUNNING ONLY workout. I mean, you gotta remember I’m responsible for creating Diesel, the NO RUNNING workout. This is gonna be awful. So, two goals for today’s Q:

  1. We’re gonna stay mostly together as a group. None of this “see you in an hour” stuff
  2. We’re gonna attack some hills

You’d think none of these guys had ever been to Pursuit before. Hills?? In Millbridge???? Yeah, there are a few, apparently. So last night I fired up the old Strava app, learned the names (finally) of a few roads and also identified some Strava segments (surprise, surprise) we could hit.

And that’s about it. We looped around each round-about and picked up the six. We “recovered” on the downhills and attacked the uphills.


Kickball/Toy Drive – This Saturday at Cutty High School – Bring your new and used (but working) toys. A great time to clean out before your kids get a bunch more stuff for Christmas

Lots of events in the new year

  • Effees – February 4th
  • Waxtravaganza Part Deux – February 12th
  • Waxhaw Trail Fest – April (details to come)
  • F3 Waxhaw Spartan – May (details to come)

I took us out

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