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Floater 12/09

Got invited to Q again back when it was still reasonably warm. Woke up and read 32 degrees and a fog advisory in effect. Also read “Out” from R and C (LRC = Lehane Ray and Csmithers – yeah you’ve spelling wrong this whole time) to which I responded with excessive hostility well wishes as I too would rather still be in bed……I digress. Let’s skip ahead to where I show up early and Surge is already there. We agree to hit a lengthy (< 1 mile) pre-run hitting COT with a couple minutes to spare. Video montage of the pre-run plays, there’s high fives while crossing the main road safely. Then we.pPan to the workout:

  • Mosey out of COT and take a sharp left down Keith Jong HIll (KJH) for some stretching at the Vet.
  • Up and down Keith Jong Hill x3 @ .4 miles = 1.2 miles, two stops along the way for Dry Docks and Merkins
  • Into the apartment complex parking lot for some 4 corner action with Dry Docks, Merkins, LBCs and Freddy Mercury’s. Don’t forget a burpee in the middle in between each set
  • From there we hit the streets back towards COT and did the standard 4 corners stop sign to stop sign. Each stop we did Merkins
  • Front of the buildings we stopped for some step ups
  • Back to the brick wall next to COT where we did some 0 weight shoulder work
  • Another lap to officially get to 3 miles
  • And some LBCs to round us out


  • Sock Drive – see Twinkle Toes. Donate money or donate new socks. He’ll take care of delivery or purchase on your behalf
  • Waxtravaganza – sound ridiculous sorry didn’t catch the details, check GroupMe
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