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Roof For A Child – Food drive

Roof for a Child project in India provides Shelter, Food and clothing for kids from rural parts of India. Dormitories are build around urban areas where these kids from rural places (That have no access to school) can stay and go to good schools in these urban areas.

This project is close to my heart as I once received such help for my schooling.  My Dad was a Christian missionary (He quit his high paying job to become a missionary). I grew up in a residential Christian school ( where kids of missionaries studied. Missionaries go into the rural parts of India where schooling was not available. This school was started for such kids of missionaries. I was sponsored by Mr and Mrs. R C Regal (whom I have never seen) through Compassion international. I did long for my Christmas gifts. All my education from 3rd grade to 10th grade was paid for by my sponsor. 

Roof for a child is similar project but instead of building schools, kids are provided boarding and lodging and can go to good schools in urban parts of India. 

Thank you all for your support for the food drive. We were able to collect $1720 towards this project. My heart is filled with gratitude. I Thank God for all you amazing men of F3.

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