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Balmy December Morning

Zin was supposed to Q this morning but due to poor planning he decided to go out of town instead. After I saw J-Woww was substi-Qing at Diesel I knew I didn’t want to do his Merkin Hell™ so I quickly offered to take the Impromtu Q.

60° in mid December and only 10 at Impromptu? I’ll pretend it’s because everyone is on an early Christmas vacation and not because I’m on Q.

DiCCS and we’re off

Down the ramp to the shed, left up the hill, left again to the traffic circle, and stopping at the high school parking lot. We stopped a few times along the way and did SSHs x15 at each stop, plus Imperial Walkers, Mountain Climbers, some Calf Stretches and some Glidah Stretches sprinkled in here and there.

The Thang

Grab a lifting rock. The pickings were slim. Not sure what happened to all of the rocks but we might need to steal some from a few of the other piles to supplement this one for future workouts.

Find yourself a spot on the curb and sit your rock down.

  • Run (sprint) to the far curb and back
  • Pick up your rock and rifle carry to the next line in the parking lot
  • Do 10 reps
  • Repeato
    • Curls
    • Overhead Presses
    • Weighted Squats
    • Bent Over Rows
  • End with your rock on the far curb

Leave your rocks for now and mosey to the light pole on the loop road.

Triple Nickel time:

  • 5 Jump Squats at the bottom
  • Run up the hill to the speed bump
  • 5 Mike Tysons at the top
  • Run back to the bottom
  • Repeato a total of 5 times

I asked Dana for a 10 count and he pulled Posse and gave us a 10 count of Merkins. Good job!

Back to your rock on the curb with a repeato of the previous round with a new set of exercises (10 reps each):

  • Rock Merkins (hands on your rock)
  • Chest Presses (laying on the ground)
  • Tricep Extensions
  • Burpee Squat Thrusters

Mosey to the alcove on the school for Chastain is a Jackass: 10 Donkey Kicks followed by a feet on the wall 10 count. Repeato with 9, 8, etc.

A few minutes remaing so Indian Run with a single burpee by the caboose. Finished at COT with 10 seconds to spare.


  • Holiday hours next week starting Monday. If those don’t work for you, Doughboy is planning to lead a few Monday through Wednesday at normal times so check with him
  • Sock Drive – Twinkle Toes is still collecting money or sock donations. Venmo: @Peter-Senick-1
  • Ghosted collecting donations of snack sized items: chips, cookies, crackers, etc.
  • Friday 12/24 – Convergence at Cutty with Coffeeteria to follow – Fuse and Schneider are collaborating to step it up a notch with a little bit of eggnog, bourbon, OJ, and vodka for those of you looking to start Christmas off right
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