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An Early Festivus

I arrived on campus early to find a random truck parked near the brick pile and decided to audible the wienkie early to avoid what ever that guy was doing. Pax started pulling in and the mummble chatter centered around that it was slightly warmer today than yesterday mostly due to the wind. Cue Recalculating walking up in shorts and his crop top much like this:

New Orleans Saints GIF

So now that we’re all cold from looking at what Recalc is wearing, we center the focus back to the workout and DiCCS.

6:29 but no cars pulling in so we start early.


Mosey to the side of the school for a little bit different of a warm up….an OYO warm up.

  • 5 up and overs on the bench
  • 10 Irkins
  • 15 foot release explosion squats
  • 20 dips
  • 25 toe taps
  • Lap around the parking lot.

Repeat that twice for the warm up. The mumble chatter when from 65 to 0 really quick. So much so that Schnieder got real uncomfortable and quickly attempted to bring it back up to speed.

Mosey out to the road stopping to collect the 6 by doing stretches.

Mosey on the main road to the other entrance road (good job site Q’s keeping the group together with lights at the front and ready to call out cars).

Semi fast mosey back to the school circling back for the 6.

40 walking lunges (just for Schnieder), but really to allow the 6 to catch their breath.

Mosey to Rock Pile

THE THANG (dang that was a long warm up)

Partner up. Grab two small rocks. Partners split 100 each of 5 exercises while the other partner runs to the curb and back. Exercises were:

  • Front Raise
  • Side Raise
  • Reverse Fly
  • Row
  • Overhead Press

Rocks up and line up in the parking lot to burn the shoulders out some more. 5 Dry docks followed by 10 crawl bears. Continue until your feet hit the curb. For me, it took a total of 20 dry docks and 40 crawl bears to get there. Shoulders sufficiently burnt.

Mosey back to the middle school where we continued with partner work. Partners split 50 Turkish Get Ups while 1 runs the loop. Our group was knocking out get ups in spurts of 10-12.

About 7 minutes left….what to do, what to do. Lets run the hill. Meet at base of hill, jail break to the first light, slow mosey to the second light, and then jail break to the top. This was a gasser. So much so that Blue Screen started stripping out of his clothes- Yikes.

Gather the 6 at the top of the hill and fast mosey back to the bottom.

Repeat the run back to the top again. Some good competition running going on. Schneider baiting Rockwell into a race. I made the mistake of teaming with Honeycomb again and saying “Let’s go Honey”.

Return back to COT with 1 minute left. Finished with 25 Dry Docks. Still had time so we closed out with 5 burpees. Time (Thank God).

MOLESKIN AKA Airing of Greivances

I promised via the title an early festivus so here is your annual airing of grievances. Feel free to keep this going in the playhouse. And while its supposed to be fun, some of this has some teeth to it.

  • I hate 12 days of Christmas workouts. The first couple are good, but they get old somewhere around the 4th one. And while I look forward to Dough Boy’s 12 days workout every year (the person who I credit with originating the best one I’ve been to), I never got to experience it this year (though Dunkin’s version was of similar beat down quality).
  • I hate when Recalc shows up to workouts wearing barely nothing. I’m already cold and then I see him and get colder.
  • I’ve decided to tone my workouts down when Blue Screen is in attendance. That strip down has been burned into my mind, and not in a good way.
  • I hate hearing guys sniffle during prayer. I subsequently also hate snot rockets (I’m looking at you Popeye and Blue Screen).
  • I hate hugs. The one good think Covid brought us was not more ball of man during prayer.
  • I hate looking at the calendar and seeing TBD’s for workouts that are less than a week out.
  • I hate when guys ask for help and no one answers. How many times has TB’s plead for a Christ Closet pick up fallen on deaf ears?
  • I hate when I guy I think is bigger than me passes me running. Knowing that, I try my best to pass skinnier guys when I know its a shorter mosey. (I’ve made the mistake of passing them on a longer mosey only to feel like my lunges want to explode).
  • I hate that Waxhaw has a bunch of Last Minute Larry’s when it comes to signing up for things. Whether its blood drives, races, second F or third F events, Waxhaw waits until the last minute to sign up. It’s hell for the guys leading that event trying to plan.
  • I dispise the form police. When they pipe up my form tends to get worse just to spite them.
  • No Post No Post isn’t a thing. GroupMe is a form of Second F. Its time to kill no post no post.
  • We also need new pax to feel more comfortable posting on GroupMe. Its the same 10-15 people piping up and commenting. I’d love to hear Falcon’s thoughts, a Chatterbox one liner, or a random Honeycomb jab. Be easy on the new voices and heavy on the likes with their first few comments. Once they have their feet under them you can bust on them some.
  • I hate getting up for workouts before 5:00 am. Its something about seeing 4:## on the clock. So yes, if you see me at a 5:15 workout, I’ve only been up 10-15 minutes.
  • I hate that we have expanded so much that it has hampered our second F. Gazells only hang with Gazelles and Clydesdales with Clydesdales because the workouts have separated them. We even have a hybrid group now – the wildabeasts.
  • Watching Zin trying to single handedly bring GroupMe back to its 2018-2019 self is both sad and fascinating. I applaud the effort but also detest the forcedness of it. But don’t stop trying. Maybe one day….
  • I love that more people know how to photoshop now, but I hate that its rarely used. We need a minimum of one shop per week.
  • What’s the deal with back blasts lately? What was once a pride of Waxhaw and mandatory of every workout has become slack as of late. I had a goal of 250 workouts this year. I’ve hit that goal but our backblast tracker only shows me at 177. So there are 73 missing backblasts this year from workouts I’ve been to. Express is the main offender, but lets be honest all sites need improvement.
  • And what’s going on at the board? Have they met this year? I remember seeing one board meeting write up this entire year. Lets see some vision from our leadership team. What are the plans to make Waxhaw better?
  • Guys that become regulars only to drop off and rarely heard from again. What’s causing the drop off? Too early? Lost interest? Don’t feel a connection to the group? And what can we do to get you back? I know the IT team is working on some reporting that will help catch these guys before they fall through the cracks, but guess what – IT’S DEPENDANT ON BACKBLASTS BEING WRITEN!
  • Last but certainly not least I hate weight gain. Before F3 I had the Pogo 20 (read Freed to Lead if you don’t know that term). Since F3 I now have the Pogo 7 of weight gain and loss through out the year.

F3 has been and meant a lot for me. As I close this year down I hope I have given back as much as F3 has given me this year. The list above was a lot of hates because it is almost festivus of course. But make no mistake, there is a lot of love for my fellow brothers here.


  • Christmas Eve Convergence. Cuthbertson Middle at 6:30
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