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A51 birthday celebration in the ‘haw?

7 PAX showed up at The Body Shop on 12/16 for a ride on the Good Ship Lollipop captained by Big Tuna. Tuna’s Q focused on celebrating the 10th anniversary of Area 51 with lots of 10x reps plus the Tuna special of tug of war which is especially tricky on the painted asphalt of Union County’s best elementary school.

It may seem like an odd thing to celebrate A51 even further south and maybe one other PAX was aware of the pending date, but it’s great to bring this up and allow us all to appreciate the pioneer expansion that paved the way for the Waxhaw Region. T-claps for those who placed the way and especially for those from Area 51 and SOB who made the commitment to head father South on a regular basis to grow Waxhaw.

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