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Countdown to Premature RESPECT

The Warmup

PAX mosey to center of parking lot to complete 25 SSH and then ran to globe to compete another 25 SSH. PAX mosey back to center of parking lot to learn the proper form of part of the burpee. First, PAX did come dynamic stretching: imperial walkers and calf stretches

The Thang

PAX was excited to learn the proper parts of the burpee by breaking it down into individual parts using 4 corners: Merkin, In and Outs, Squats, and finally Burpee. Goal is to complete 5 rounds and each round increase by 5 reps

Round 1 – (5) Merkins first corner, (5) mosey In and Outs second corner, (5) squats third corner, and finally (5) burpees forth corner. PAX meet in center for some Mary

Round 2 – (10) at each corner

Round 3 – (15) at each corner

Round 4 – (20) at each corner

Round 5 – (25) did not have enough time to perform the exercises at each corner therefor PAX circled up at center and perform each step 25 reps


Friday – Rea Farms SOB 7AM Felize Navidid

Friday Waxhaw Convergence at CUTTY

Passport challenge starts Jan1

Continual prayers for Radar

Remember this year holiday can be tough for some people since they lost family members

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