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Maybe I should have done the Deckathlon…

Swarm/Impromptu family photo (12/17/21)

Quotes from the Gloom:

  • “Maybe I should have done the “Deck the Halls” Deckathlon this morning with those S.O.B. guys…”

Not sure if anyone actually said this, but several were undoubtedly thinking this as we were going through our “12 Days of Christmas” workout. Speaking of which, on to…

The Thang

  • Mosey around campus to the front of Cuthbertson High School.
  • Warmup
    • Side Straddle Hop x20 IC
    • Merkins x10 IC
    • Arm Circles-forward x15 IC
    • Arm Circles-backward x15 IC
    • Grab some wall and do Prime the Pump (Fairly rapid calf raises while steadying self against a wall or piece of playground equipment.) x30 IC
  • Mosey around the high school to the rock pile North of Geeb Jungle (yes, that is the official name per Google Maps).
  • Grab a “reasonable-sized” rock and Mosey (with rock) to the South side of Geeb Jungle, where a whiteboard was conveniently set up by the quad/triangle there.
  • I hadn’t ever done a 12 Days of Christmas workout, so that’s what I had planned for today. When I heard the moans and groans from Fuse Box, I knew I was on to something.  =)
  • As many of you may know, the concept is to do the exercises similar to the song. So, you start with the First Day. Then you go on to the Second Day and include the First Day, as well. Third Day then adds on the Second Day and First Day, etc. So, by the time you get to the Twelfth Day, you would (in theory) do every exercise on the list.
  • It went something like this…
    • 1st Day of Christmas: One lap around Geeb Jungle. (Yes, we did this at the end of every round.)
    • 2nd Day of Christmas: Two Thrusters w/ rock.
    • 3rd Day of Christmas: Three Rock-ees.
    • 4th Day of Christmas: Four Big Boy Sit-ups.
    • 5th Day of Christmas: Five Kraken Burpees (includes 3 hand-release Merkins at the bottom each time).
    • 6th Day of Christmas: Six Little Baby Crunches.
    • 7th Day of Christmas: Seven Squats.
    • 8th Day of Christmas: Eight Donkey Kicks.
    • 9th Day of Christmas: Nine Step-ups (each leg).
    • 10th Day of Christmas: Ten Dips.
  • We didn’t actually make it to Days 11 and 12, but they would have been…
    • 11th Day of Christmas: Eleven Plank Jacks.
    • 12th Day of Christmas: Twelve Carolina Dry Docks.
  • Below is a view of the whiteboard that we used.
  • Since the Pax would finish each Day/Round at different times, we would either circle back for the Six or do the exercise to the right (alternating either Side Straddle Hop or Mountain Climbers) until all were in. That way we revealed the new day’s exercise and all started together.
  • After getting through Day 10, we had just enough time to take the rocks back to their proper spots and head back to COT.

Moleskine (i.e., Spreadsheets from the Gloom)

I was a little nervous that some of the Pax were going to use the rocks against me during the workout, but I think all were sufficiently gassed from the Thrusters and Rock-ees that they really didn’t want to have to lift the rock any more than they had to. With all of those circles around Geeb Jungle, we got in over 4 miles. Great work by all and thank you to Sugar Daddy for letting me Q!


  • Monday (12/27) Convergence!
    • Cuthbertson Middle School
    • 6:30A
    • The Lycan (Waxhaw Elementary School) is shut down for the day
    • Shriver on Q
  • Keep checking GroupMe for Schedule!
    • Schedule on is still on the fritz, so stay up to date with any holiday hours or convergence announcements via GroupMe.
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